Don't get drunk! Because you won't know what you will bring home...

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Don't get drunk! Because you won't know what you will bring home...

2018-12-15 00:25:42 382 ℃

Kids, good evening

Cold brother did not send a daily newspaper at noon

"Friends drink too much

said that the dog is coming back..."

Remember to lock the door

It’s really a cold rib pain.

But I found out later

This is actually nothing.

You never know

A drunk person will pick up something to go home!

Wake up

More at home

"Working at heights "The brand"

So drunk

I still climbed the construction site?

Drunk can also bring back a life

It’s really big

Drink too much forcibly < Br>

Send Cosmetics to Strangers

Wake up and feel that you lost a billion

Does this mine at home?

Please tell me where to drink next time

Maybe you start to stuff money!

There are also sand sculpture users

after drunk

Thinking of roommates Let him pack dinner

and then...

after getting drunk

Remember to pack roommates

True love is right

or wake up second There is a toilet cover next to the day

Not your own home

< p>Look at this

May be able to wash

More diligent and supportive

< /p>

It’s better to laugh at this

What kind of psychology is it?

I will move a tire home

What is the distortion of humanity

or the demise of morality

Please watch tonight

< p>"Sleep Joke Select"

Open the bag the next day after drunk

I saw a KTV microphone

So tonight

there is an excuse to go Song? !

Going home with a microphone

Obviously more than one

There are people The tambourines are brought home together

Is this going to be done at home?

As for this

Bringing the bricks home


Tell you dogs

Fire-proof anti-drunks

< Img src="/1ydzximg/0KqG0X5Hrv" />

After someone is drunk

Take a bite of soap at home

Don’t be afraid of poisoning


Even soaps are eaten

It seems to be Cantonese.


There are netizens saying

wake up and discover

self caught A pigeon goes home

Seeking the psychological shadow area of ​​the pigeon at this time

This is also the case

Drunk will

With a stray dog ​​going home

is also very cute


bought an ostrich online

This makes me Think of

Last drunk on the Internet

Buy pigs and peacocks

< p>you Is

Humane Society out of it!

But cold brother thinks that

the most non-existent is this

drunk and pulled the street sign

is also a talent

I hope this netizen

< p>Not being downstairs

The aunt of the neighborhood is killed

After you are drunk

What stupid things have you done?

Message and cold brother talk about it!