18 pictures tell you: to what extent people can be unlucky!

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18 pictures tell you: to what extent people can be unlucky!

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20 pictures tell you how much people can be unlucky!

This is probably a good man of iron palms...

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in our Shaolin Temple

Only the most martial arts are going to sweep the ground

Iron...Iron? !

Introduction of temperament outside the body and muscles

The shovel pie said to sit on a toilet seat so esay

The masters in the novel use their internal strength to shake their opponents 兵刃

Never cause

In the future, you can open the roadside poles and open them.

This is how much resentment is washing your face...

Although just getting started

but laughing kingdom Can not open more than ten visual inspections

Do not believe you try

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With your hand, do you need a knife to cut vegetables?

There is a freehand knives

There is an internal force big spoon

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Every day Keep walking and playing with your phone

You can also have an iron head like me

Last home to help the glass

The glass is broken? A whole piece is broken! !

The most important thing is that I still have a big piece in my hand, and there is no wound.

I suspect that glass doesn't like me


When doing the experiment Wear a beaker with a glass rod


Can you imagine a shattering of the toilet pit?

My mom is


When you learned the car, you broke the file as soon as you tried it.

The coach is awkward

@Denia severely ill patients 1128

Meal in the cafeteria and male god

I wanted to bite the chopsticks and think about it.

I accidentally broke the chopsticks...

The male god has never bothered me