Funny GIF: I saw tears when I saw these three sons. I won't understand after 00!

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Funny GIF: I saw tears when I saw these three sons. I won't understand after 00!

2018-12-16 10:25:36 451 ℃

Young man, if you are quite powerful, the wheels are all flying by you!

Kuanyin sister is not a wicker in your bottle?

When I saw these three sons, I ran away with tears. I won’t understand after 00

I seem to see the characters in Journey to the West....

If you are not giving birth, it will be meaningless!

Is there a reason for not completing your homework?

Selected Connotations

1. When married, a wife Bring a small bottle, say that in the days to come, every time I cry, I will drop a drop of water into the bottle. When the bottle is full, the heart will be dead and will not hesitate to leave. Three years later, there was no drop of water in the bottle, so I secretly poured two tablespoons of water into the bottle. The wife found that the knees and keyboard were abolished. . .

2. A grandfather said to a man: "Mr., count it!" A: "Do not believe." Grandpa licked his fingers and said: "You are 32 years old, married. Two years, no children." The man laughed: I have a son and a daughter. Counting a man and laughing.

3. That year, because I borrowed two hundred dollars from my ex-girlfriend. The daughter-in-law knew that she cried and became a tearful person. I advised that I would not give up for half an hour. Just at noon, I took her to eat the noodles, and she cried and ate two bowls of noodles, three chicken legs, two eggs, after drinking the soup. I trembled and said to my wife: "Don't be angry!" The daughter-in-law had a full stomach, scratching her head and wondering: "I just cried for crying?"

4. A buddy last night While chatting with my wife at the hot pot restaurant, when I was happy, a young woman came over and looked straight at him and said, "I am pregnant!" The buddy's wife was first stunned, then the slap in the hand gave him a slap in the face. Pull and pull, even crying. The eyes of the whole hot pot house are focused on them, and the buddies want to cry without tears! At this time, the young woman came back with a faint sentence: "Trouble you to smoke, thank you!" The buddy cried and cried...

5. I went to my friend's wedding yesterday, interesting. The bride's ex-boyfriend came, not to marry, but to come to the ceremony, this is not the point, the focus is that the bride's ex-boyfriend has a total of 16,500 dollars, the groom knows that his face is green.