20 pictures tell you: What is a snowman master! !

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20 pictures tell you: What is a snowman master! !

2018-12-17 00:25:18 410 ℃

There have been excellent "snowman works" around the world,

Let’s have a look today. !

True snowball,

The man feels that he can roll out a super large volume.

This kid, you are very good!

The latest online super-fire "wearing rabbits",

Real It’s cute and I want to laugh.

This little look is too gody 8!

Faceless men come to the door~~

If the light is almost the same, it really scares people

This is being driven out of the house by the parents. I am the same hair

Super cute panda back~

Don't say that this toilet is really delicate

Restore 100% Ibrahimovic!

Make the snow on the car look like a totoro car

< Img src="/1ydzximg/0KqgXLn5lo" />

This is even more powerful, even the cars are piled out of snow

every different snowman elves come to the house every day Feelings~

Little Mermaid with Snow

< /p>

Snow Godzilla!

Break the snow!

The snowballs in the snow can be so realistic

The coolest thing is that there are still gold teeth

"Be careful, there are dinosaurs in the corner!"

It’s really like the world famous painting “Scream”~

I don’t think this production level can Described as "snowman"

Reading these fun snowman works really I really want to play snow!