What happens when you don’t change your underwear for a week?

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What happens when you don’t change your underwear for a week?

2018-12-17 10:25:23 317 ℃

Big hair holds two panties

A serious face asks about the schoolmaster

Looking at the tangled big hair

School suddenly thought of a topic that I saw on Weibo

Direct man to himself Panties

Do you have special feelings?

There are people who ask for torture from the soul

The schoolmaster who would have liked to refute

I thought of three years...

I have never seen a roommate buy panties

Into the silence

and open the comment silently

< /p>

But you said that the underwear is broken like this

I don't want to change it

Is it too much?

Speaking here

Schoolmaster must prove it to you

I! Do not! Yes! This! Kind! people!

As a pant supporter

Schoolmaster wants to give you a popular science < /p>

The panties actually have Shelf life?

A normal panty

The shelf life is also 6 months

Some people are unwilling to change

This is my favorite underwear

Why change it?


too many bacteria!

A study has shown that

one worn old panties

average Each with 0.1g feces

and Salmonella, E. coli in the feces

Wearing unhygienic underwear

It is possible to get gynecological diseases

ups on the ass Red 小疙瘩

Imagine you are sharing a pair of panties with bacteria

1. Replace panties on time


2, choose the underwear that suits you


Do not wear special tightnessPants

Looks a bit small and wretched

and your eggs are squeezed

It’s affecting fertility

It’s best to wear boxer panties

relaxed p>

3. Can you wash once a week

Pants every day have to change

If you wear a week panty...

I hope you can find a microscope to observe

Can you change it every day

攒一周 again?

Put the underwear through for a week...

Is this a laboratory dish?

If you put it in the washing machine wash

When washing other clothes

People wearing these clothes

It is possible that skin itching, eye congestion...


I will say it here

Although Xueba knows

You know everything.