How do social monks practice in Internet cafes?

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How do social monks practice in Internet cafes?

2018-12-17 10:25:23 297 ℃

For many people, Internet cafes are the second home of life.

The wanderer is not asking for fallen leaves to return to the roots. When you are injured, you can have a card seat.

In the entertainment scene, men’s and women’s affairs and bloody disasters are always common.

But the situation of the Internet cafe is slightly exaggerated compared to the flower field on the yacht. It seems that any eccentricity is here.

My friend who opened the piano once complained to me that if there is no Internet cafe, there will be a lot of business in his store. Even he himself will work in the Carnegie Hall of Music today instead of the piano.

But I think that anything that is as natural as it will be fascinating.

A serious man, no matter what he does, he is very handsome.

Scientifically speaking, the mixed Internet cafe is no better than participating in the symphony orchestra.

Any game that wants to play as a great god must have the perseverance of Beethoven and the spirituality of Mozart.

You can praise Lang Lang’s 16 hours of practicing time per day. But you shouldn't ignore those teenagers who are in the summer and go out for the New Year.

There are ancient cantilever spurs, and there is a gas road.

Sit at Double Air to concentrate on the knife. When you lose an all-nighter, you have inserted the trachea into the chrysanthemum.

Out of the Internet cafe, it is difficult for you to see someone else who is so persistent in order to win.

Someone said that the MLM team has the most wolf-like enthusiasm for this society. I would like to say that people rarely go to Internet cafes.

Because people who live there, each has a mentor level.

Same as all entertainment venues. The depth of indulgence is the measure of its success.

And the big gods in the Internet cafes have proved that Internet cafes do have the magic of fascinating people.

It’s a surprise to get online on the wedding day.

But such news is a big search for you on the Internet.

It seems that such a thing was originally a part of grabbing a relative.

And sometimes things don't always conflict. Writing a few homework before the start is a fear of learning, but also a comfort to the self.

If the selection moves Chinese characters to expand the range of choices, I believe that a lot of people will find it every year. s things.

There is no light injury, so the spirit will not be ignored even in the war years.

Never blame a teammate who is a bit distorted. Because you don't know the back of the screen, he may be persistent and persistent.

In the Internet cafes, the most daunting people are those who are at home.

Xiao Yin University has been graduating for six years. The Internet cafe next to the school has been a shelter for the heart and body since he left school.

Like all the great people, Xiao Yin has a hard time to give up his hometown and alma mater. Living in an Internet cafe can save a lot of money, and the quilt that is taken out of the bedroom can be played for another three years.

White-collar Xiaoding regards Internet cafes as a harbor of souls.

Lonely and cold nights, the Internet cafes song system and the classic Hongtashan made him no longer feel fear and loneliness. If you are tired, you can sleep peacefully. You don't have to worry about burglary, and there will be no other things.

The little dragon who lives in the Internet cafe is about to take this place as a lifetime.

He thinks that in addition to the ozone and human taste in the Internet cafes, there is no other place for him to feel the fun of the world.

If there is anyone who can be more eye-catching in the Internet cafe than the seclusion god, it’s probably only the restless .

The narration of the magnetic grip of the animal world. In the environment filled with male hormones, Xiaoli is sublimated in order to explore the companionship of gender issues.

About the game and his girlfriend who is more attractive to this world-famous problem, Lijie seems to have scorned the secret.

When Xiaolang was listening to Trump’s childhood, he went to the market to read the book and practice his attention. This Supreme learning method is also engraved in Internet cafes.

But to say the realm, I am most optimistic about Xiao Zhang.

The rational man of the school, it is always a handsome and handsome look.