Foreigners'Chinese test paper "Fire", the title makes people laugh and bend over, netizens: Big hatred has been revenged!

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Foreigners'Chinese test paper "Fire", the title makes people laugh and bend over, netizens: Big hatred has been revenged!

2019-01-31 10:25:35 992 ℃
< p > I believe that when you were young, you were tortured by English. Schools attach more importance to English than to our mother tongue, but it often backfires. Students can't learn Chinese and English well. Even some students joked: I am Chinese, I can't learn English well, indicating that I love my country. Many years have passed before

and now the Post-00 generation has grown up. Our country has become the second largest economy in the world. More and more foreigners come to learn our mother tongue.

Once we made a lot of jokes in the process of learning English. The most frightening thing is the English exam. When you get the paper, you will be confused. How many points you get depend on the sky. It's very sad to think about it. Is there a feeling of revenge when foreigners begin to learn Chinese? We have misunderstood English for many years. In fact, the most difficult language is our mother tongue, Chinese. Look at the foreigner's Chinese test paper "fire", the title makes people laugh and bend over, some netizens said: big revenge has been revenged!

Noodle Test. The question is: What do students submit to counselors for leave? The alternative answers are: application for ramen, application for instant noodles, application for knife noodles and written application. I dare say this is the simplest and funniest test we have ever seen. For foreigners, this question is still difficult. Xiaobian really wants to take the exam for them and show his skills.

img src="/1ydzximg/0LDRrTn9eQ"/>p>hospitable Chinese. I happened to see a foreigner's diary saying, "In China, I found that Chinese people like to treat people very much." Invite friends for dinner on birthdays, relatives for dinner on New Year's Day, business partners for dinner, and girls for dinner on appointments. It has to be said that the foreigner's expressive ability and Chinese use ability are still very strong, concise, easy to understand, is a plastic talent.

Chinese Test Band 8. The title is as follows: sweaters are on sale for 10 yuan per piece, sample for 10 yuan, all for 10 yuan. Excuse me, what's 10 yuan? The alternative answers are: parts, samples, all and woolen sweaters. It looks funny, but think it over carefully, it's not like the grammatical problem that plagues us in English. Now it's foreigners'turn to complain. synonyms. Chinese characters are extensive and profound, and some words with similar meanings are easy to be misused. For example: men and women, male and female, male and female, Yin and yang... I still look forward to how foreigners will use these words.

Fill in the blank. Even if the Pinyin is carefully labeled for foreign candidates, it fails to retain the "accident scene". For example: Dad is a doctor, what is mother? Choose the right answer among the four options. Some students even choose the sofa, mother is the sofa. I don't know whether the classmate did it intentionally or did not learn Chinese well. Comrades still need to work hard.

Chinese composition. Do you remember how you did when you were a child when you met words you could not write in your English composition? When looking at the foreigners'test papers, I found that foreigners do the same thing, and they can't write by themselves. In fact, there are great differences between Chinese and foreign ways of speaking, and they also involve grammar problems, which can hardly spoil foreign friends. It's hard to hide a smile when you watch their reckless fabrication.

What do you think of these foreigners'Chinese papers?