Spring Festival God P chart, superheroes also go home for New Year's celebrations! uuuuuuuuu

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Spring Festival God P chart, superheroes also go home for New Year's celebrations! uuuuuuuuu

2019-01-31 10:25:35 271 ℃
The Spring Festival is coming soon, and the annual Spring Festival has begun. The crowds of railway stations and high-speed railway stations all over the country are a great "migration" in human history. In our eyes, the Spring Festival Transport should be like this: people in a hurry are packed with big bags and small bags, and the station is full of red yearly flavor with Chinese characteristics

@The PS king who eats watermelon also arranges for the superheroes to go home, and the protagonists in the big movie also carry their bags and queue up for boarding!

Haiwang is maintaining the order with the Trident car number plate, followed by three big beauties, and the Hulk says that the luggage is too much and a little heavy! <


Batmman's luggage is more. It is estimated that there are more years of goods in the Batman


> Eddie Bullock returned home with the mother saleswoman, and the poison is estimated to be still in his body

Wolverine has put away his claws, and has done a good job of keeping warm. With a load of luggage ready to ride home for the New Year

Raytheon and his younger brother are struggling outside and coming home for the New Year. As the train is late, they wait outside the railway station for a day and night, hungry and cold


Doctor Stephen Strange, strange doctor Stephen Strange, rushed all the way to the railway station, unexpectedly fell on the road, almost missed the train, and had a facial injury


Spider-Man takes beautiful women home to meet their parents!

This group of fun maps hopes to make everyone happy on the Spring Festival Road. Everyone can go home safely for the Spring Festival. Peace is happiness, and you are the superhero in the eyes of your family!

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