Can you lend me 20 yuan?

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Can you lend me 20 yuan?

2016-07-22 04:13:38 244 ℃

Husband in the community health center on Restroom!

Only one Restroom, regardless of gender. ^_^

When squatting is cool, suddenly someone knocked on the door,

Her husband said that someone in the large.

When I heard a young mother of the baby said: "the baby to endure it, someone inside! "

GC is the mother and the baby, said: "the baby, we come to the uncle refueling! "

A baby with a tender voice shouting: "come on... Come on。。。 "

My husband can't live anymore!

Shop out of a pair of lovers, take a bottle of drinks.

I was also ready to buy a bottle of drink, listen to the female in the back of the male shouted: "Hey, what do you mean by this?"

Man does not return the head: "do not know." So, the woman's hand to throw the bottle on the ground.

I saw this scene, I thought I met two idiots. And stay away from them,

I quickly ran to pick up, and blowing, and the sun to see,

The results of the above four characters: Thank you to taste. Sister sister ah!!

A: can you lend me 20 yuan?

B: sorry, I only have 10 yuan for you.

A: Well, you have to remember that you owe me $10.

B: OK, I'll pay you tomorrow.

"Brother, you know, the first martial arts devil crazy."

"He is versed in Kung Fu, how would suddenly crazy?"

"Two days ago, he defeated Shaolin cangjingge broke into several monks.

Cangjingge all cheats, then he is crazy."