Funny passage; Daughter went on a date and came home late at night. Mother looked at her daughter.

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Funny passage; Daughter went on a date and came home late at night. Mother looked at her daughter.

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1. On New Year's Day, Xiao Ming took his wife to his father-in-law's house to visit relatives. Xiao Ming prepared a big gift for his father-in-law, which was to surprise him. When he arrived at his father-in-law's house, he said happily, "Dad, I have prepared a big gift for you!" His father-in-law smiled and said, "Really? If you are so stingy, what kind of gift can you prepare for me? Listen to me!! ____________ Then Xiao Ming said, "I bought you two airplane tickets to Japan, and your two elders also went abroad for a visit!" What do you think? His father-in-law said in surprise: "Japan often has earthquakes. What do you think? Are there any other thoughts? Xiao Ming explained in a hurry, "There's nothing else to think about, just to let your two elders relax!" His father-in-law said, "This can actually be done. You can refund my plane ticket!" Let your mother-in-law go alone! It's okay if she doesn't return her plane ticket. Let her go with her anytime. Recently, she and Lao Wang next door are very close. Let them go together! "

2. After dinner, the man's phone rang. When the man looked at it, he was called by his colleagues. He guessed he had asked himself to rub mahjong. But if you go shopping with your wife to buy clothes, it's not easy to slip away. Men have a brainstorm and press hands-free: Hello, I'm going shopping with my wife. Who are you? What's the matter? After a while, my colleague's voice came: we will have a meeting in the evening to study the four winds problem. Man: OK, I'll be right there. The man turned to the woman and said, "You can ask a companion to buy it. You heard that I have a meeting. The woman had no choice but to go alone. Men secretly delighted, buddies are smart enough, east, west, north and South four winds have been used...

3. My cashier, my colleague took a deposit of 10,000 yuan this afternoon and said to me that the client had handed it in in this morning. I went through the counting machine and found 200 yuan more, which my colleagues also saw. Colleagues said that the two hundred yuan customers do not know anyway, simply a hundred per person. When I said no, I had to give it back to my customers and be honest in my life, my colleague said, "Actually, I intentionally tested you. You are a good person." After that, I took two hundred bucks away........ I didn't think much about it at first. Now I think he's neither a manager nor a boss. Why do you test me?

4. My daughter went on a date and came home late at night. The mother looked at her daughter and asked, "Does he disagree?" The daughter blushed and said, "Agree!" Mother said: He agreed, why don't you send something for the first meeting? Daughter said: Yes, he gave me a lot of small things! The mother looked at her daughter carefully and asked, "Where is it?" Daughter ashamed to say: in my stomach!!

5. Today I am not at work. When my mother goes out, let me not forget to pick up my niece and ask me to set the alarm clock. I set the alarm clock, nested in the sofa, brushed my cell phone and fell asleep. When I woke up, it was almost five o'clock in the afternoon. I hurried to the kindergarten. There were only teachers and nieces left in the classroom. I apologized to her all the way, and she said it didn't matter. No sooner had she entered the house than the little girl cried with her mother's leg in her arms: Grandma, how could you let her aunt pick me up? She must have forgotten the time by playing with her mobile phone. Grandma, you don't know, all the little pot friends are gone. I'm so poor, wow...