When a woman starts drunkenness, it is no longer a matter of not supporting the wall!

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When a woman starts drunkenness, it is no longer a matter of not supporting the wall!

2019-03-01 15:46:40 359 ℃

As the saying goes,

small wine is pleasant, big wine hurts the body

all say that boys will make a lot of jokes when they drink too much

but what happens when girls drink too much


Look at the following "painful" cases, and

guarantees that you laugh until you have a stomachache.



Talk to customers about cooperation, and a whole glass of red wine dried directly.

Stay calm until I get home, and I did something that I'm ashamed of now.

I call my friends next to me and start checking! Household! Mouth!

I said: "Hello, how do you do?" "

Friend:"What for?"

I said: "This is the police station, your friend XXX (my name) is here with us now."

Friend: "You are so silly X!!!"


So I called at least five people and looked them up next to each other.

You asked me why I remember this paragraph so clearly.

Because I was recorded by their phone.

After the next day wake up, I really want to find a seam to drill into the














I have a friend who once drank too much and her classmates helped her downstairs.

She saw the hostess rushing to embrace her with excitement and asked:

"Aunt, have you ever loved someone? Do you know how it feels to love someone? Aunt patted her on the back and said:

"My favorite person is you, go to bed." <







is not me, but my object. On a super cold winter evening, he found friends to drink and drink fragments (

) to the entrance of the community and refused to climb the elevator, so he sat on the ground and stared at the people who came and went to the community.

A couple came up and put his middle finger on his mouth to make me voice a little lower than the gesture, then suddenly shouted, "That woman is not as good as you...." I was afraid that her husband would come back and hit him. After sitting for a while, he said he was thirsty and I took him to the supermarket to buy water.

When the check-in desk had a glass bottle of milk drinks, he picked up the glass bottle and studied it carefully.

About three centimeters away from the bottle, I felt tired for him.

Uncle Cashier and I stared at him all the time to see what he wanted to do.

Suddenly he took the bottle away from his eyes. I thought he was going to put down the glass bottle. Who knows, he suddenly toothed at the bottle.

and then hit the bottle twice with his front teeth, accompanied by two crisp tinkles and his voice covering his teeth.

"What are you doing?!"

"I... I'll try to see if it's really a glass bottle."



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drinks and feels like a fish swimming in the bottom fishery.

Play the violin with two chopsticks.


Let you see the real drunk driving.


and the teeth were drunk out.