The women's toilet is probably the most real place in the world. ...

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The women's toilet is probably the most real place in the world. ...

2019-03-01 15:46:42 342 ℃

Every time I go to the toilet, I wonder who is in the next room less than one meter away from me, listen to the noise of the next room, and guess what she is doing. < p > < p > < strong > We still have a world in the women's toilet.

In a small hidden and unknown compartment, there may be one person who is now you.

Now, turn the screen over.

< /p>


"When I received the news of the breakup from my boyfriend, I sat on the toilet and cried for five minutes, and finally deleted all the words and answered only one'good'

"They all said that the workplace did not believe that tears were going to cry at home, but that I could go home by subway for one and a half hours and change to four bus stops. I could only run in the toilet and secretly cry for a while"

"I received my grandmother's illness in the toilet." When I was on the phone, I pressed the flush button without restraining my crying.

As adults, we lost the right to collapse in public, and most of the time we hid from crying.

and the toilet is like a safe space for adults . In this less than 4 square meters, humid and forcing space, we can hide the hysteria that we want to breathe out, but also retain the dignity and dignity that we twist. When

closes the door, you don't have to play anybody but yourself. <<<


-end of this period-<<<<

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