Happy Moment Joke: My wife is on business, and my daughter and I are at home. She couldn't sleep at night and called.

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Happy Moment Joke: My wife is on business, and my daughter and I are at home. She couldn't sleep at night and called.

2019-04-01 11:24:34 612 ℃

1. My wife is on business. My daughter and I are at home. In the evening she couldn't sleep and called and asked me what I was doing. I said, I'm sleeping with someone else's wife, guess who. She said it was an old story. She can't fool her. I know I'm sleeping with my daughter in my arms. I can't imagine my daughter shouting alongside me: Mom, you're stupid, Dad is holding Aunt Wang next door... Just listen to that: Doodle... This black-hearted cotton, how can I explain to your mother when your mother comes back?

2.When I met a girl who came to rent a house, I cut half a day's price, and finally the deposit was not enough. I knew little about us, as if I was alone. Because the new house has just been renovated for rent, afraid that the impatient tenant damaged, so my mother picked and picked up half a month, and finally chose the most unqualified tenant. I asked her: Why did you rent it to her? My mother said: When she stood there with a big box, her figure was a little like you.

3. Purchased a pair of roller skates for her at her daughter's strong request and accompanied her to the square for skating in the evening with her daughter-in-law. Her daughter did not master the balance well, and after a while she fell several times, her mother was distressed: no practice, no practice. Daughter is strong: Mom, don't you often say that everything has to start and end? Why not practice again?! I laughed to see how the always eloquent daughter-in-law responded, only to hear the daughter-in-law say: you always fall so bad for skates.

4. A male colleague has been driving for many years, and his car has a lot of minor problems. He goes to and from work to pick up a female colleague. One day, the female colleague stopped taking his car because the door was frozen and closed in the coldest winter. The female colleague had to hold the door with both hands to get to the company. She was tired. Think about the picture.

5. When she first met her wife, her image was Sven shy and vegetable-loving. After drinking too much on the wedding day, the waiter put on a sauce elbow. She picked up the chopsticks and said, "Wow, the old lady likes this best." The air solidified instantly. My father, mother, uncle and sister watched her together. At this time, the mother-in-law said calmly, "When you get married, you should care more about your mother-in-law and family. You can't just think about your mother-in-law." Then he hit his wife in the arm.