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Humor one life ah, that play

2016-07-22 04:21:13 245 ℃

There is only a small insect has been flying on the screen.

Did not press for a long time to die, this time the wife said: "what do you play, give me the next one."

I took her cell phone and turned off my screen, and the bugs were sucked in.

On her mobile phone screen.

I gave her a life of say: "ah, that play."

When reading, a few students to buy slippers,

The flip flops, the boss all boasted how strong,

Let the students pull hard, students try, really pull constantly,

At this time the boss took the students in the hands of the slippers, said, you do not force how to do?

So... The shoe is in the hands of the boss, killed! The real boss

A young man ran to the six floor in a hurry,

I met a middle-aged man said: "you are the talk of the town. Soon, your daughter was hit by a car!"

The middle-aged man suddenly Meng: "ah? Oh my god! How to do ah?"

And rushed down the stairs. Go to the four floor, think of it,

To the first floor of a stamp, "I'm not surnamed Li!"!

Teacher: "students, because we have to complain to the principal class I often drag class,

Made me aware of my mistake, so I decided to do it again!" (warm applause.)

Teacher: "in order to show my sincerity, the class is dismissed 20 minutes earlier today!" (applause more enthusiastic)

Teacher: "well, the examination began below, class assignment."