At night, the dormitory all people are sleeping. Suddenly there was a loud crash on the floor.

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At night, the dormitory all people are sleeping. Suddenly there was a loud crash on the floor.

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Remember junior high school that would be a recess, and I at the same table sat in the back door play; conceit now door has a small hole, see had a small hole in front of a bottom in the twist, so I almost and sit at the same table bet who dare to stick poked, two people rock paper scissors, I find a bamboo stick through a small hole in a barrel, our teacher next door to pull me to the office side of tears, while playing I,
Before never played a husband phone, these days to call off the information is not back. Today to go out all day, my phone call was actually a woman to talk to me, I really do not understand. Hey, I'm just out of temper. The teeth to hang up the phone. One day wondering how to solve it, all kinds of tragic drama drama revenge plot up to my heart. Has been to the rejection of his green he still. Until finally came back in the evening. I asked: where to go for a day? The husband said there was something in the town. I am in the heart of the stomach: Nima is a woman thing, right? And then ask: how to make a phone call? Her husband was surprised to say when you call? My heart Tucao: back to me. Let you look at the evidence. Turned to flushes the rushed back into the room take my cell phone, turn to call records... Then quietly put down the phone asked softly out: do not eat? Actually, I actually had the wrong number.

Today, I heard two high school students talking,

Say is a dormitory of the elder brother's girlfriend at ordinary times looking at quite a lady of a girl,

Two people were found to be playing together last night because of her boyfriend derailed.

Hit quite intense around the people are shocked, the woman finally overwhelmingly victory, because she kicked in the gate.

I suddenly heard the crotch of a tight, heart want to be my girlfriend and then,

Suddenly I thought I don't have a girlfriend, immediately relieved, a good.

A female colleagues around said her face more fierce, strangers not close.

One day,

She suddenly asked me: do you think I am fierce!

I a short circuit, I thought that I would like to see her chest, said: I do not want to see, but also want to touch, OK?

Be beat up...

You don't take my hot strip placed in the rice? A often here send non-staple food of the female often to eat, are more familiar with, as saying that one day she came to dinner, give me a pack of hot strip, when because busy she said what I didn't hear clearly, the her dinner is ready, mouth eating her to hot strip will give her a meal, the rice into her desk she to the sentence? I can imagine the mouth or mouth spicy I picture you...

A child especially naughty, love shooting, especially the feeling to the laser cannon very loud.

Throw in the water the most fun, it can collapse water more than 3 meters, good stimulation! The day my uncle's gun in the yard, saw a large aluminum water bowl, then there is little ice cold,

Threw a laser gun, a gun, wow! Splash! Wait! It seems wrong, the basin bottom is bleeding. Head flying speed,

Is not like a good reason, my uncle has come and help, kicked me,

I cried to find my father to go, had originally thought that my father will early for me, when my dad asked me uncle antecedents and consequences, and fill the meal.

09:27 I met my ex girlfriend and her boyfriend in the street and the two beat up. I think of all the experiences I've had with my ex girlfriend. Immediately pick up the brick on the ground, rushed to the man next to him and gave him a brick loud roar... You his mother did not eat ah? She killed!!

At night, the dormitory all people are sleeping. Suddenly there was a loud crash into the floor. I looked up, and a man wrapped in a quilt. "Who got out of bed?"" The guy from the quilt head out, mimihuhu said: "I do not know..." And then Leng a few seconds to react before long way: "it seems that i..."

LZ today with daughter and niece to take a bath, to their children by a hair dryer, is to they blew it, behind a female, bar friends bar! It means to let me quickly what, LZ calm to my three people playing and pull off take bag, one go... Too many people didn't dare to look at the expressions

Two idiot in the way to pick up the 500 text money, points uneven, always a person two hundred people three hundred and ten. Then come a cunning man said: "or I will help you to divide it."." This will be the first 100 money put into their own pockets, then 400 paper money to one of the 200 the two goons. Two idiot also thank you, said: "thanks to your help, or we are in any case also points." And do not say, I help you to the bone, it easy to beat me, I have to pay 100 out of 200 to raise enough of you!

After dinner, my wife and I watch TV and chat. See the story of the white collar in some very confident, and some very talented, and the old skin asked me: "confidence, talent, and beautiful you say which one is more important?" I quickly said: "the confident woman is not necessarily beautiful, such as xifeng. The strength of the woman may not be attractive, such as Nun Killer. Look at his wife was confused, I do not know what I say.

The drain is blocked again, through the afternoon did not make sense, is preparing to call his brother-in-law to the dredging company. Don't trouble lies ah, find him. Proud to tell him. I saw him looking for a bar, into the sewers, on a hard, good. Soon downstairs tenants to find a home, we continue to see, silly, her husband into the water pipe elbow poked a transparent large cave long, sewage is still to drain.

Do you know why it is so difficult to get up? That is because people in the morning than in the evening, a little high, and according to the principle of the human body, the head of the farther away from the fulcrum is easier to sink, so, we get up in the morning is very difficult.

In ancient times, the government has made all things with two names to exile, three names wenzhan. Eggplant own two names to hide in the water, water asked: "Why are you hiding here?" Eggplant said: "I have two names, one eggplant, an eggplant, according to the exile." Water big surprise: "that I want to be chopped, I a water, two soup, and the day of the disaster people put a few grains of rice, put me when the wine to sell."

Son: Dad, what is moral? Dad: if you picked up 200 yuan in the shop, I take it, or divide the salesman? This is moral..

There are a bunch of people who want to form a group of ten brothers, nine people have been found in the city, but also one of the out of town to find. When he saw a man come out and down the toilet, they said, "this man must be afraid of his wife." Unexpectedly, the man said: "I do not fear the city outside the first person not good? Why do you want to go to the city to do tenth!"

A monk met a tiger, will be afraid of a fish throwing in the past. The tiger bite, and rushed over, the monk body had nothing to alms booklet throwing in the past. The tiger suddenly don't want to go back to the hole. The tigress asked: "why come back?" The tiger said: "today met a monk, just eat him a wooden fish, he actually threw a a mendicant booklet, I want to donate miles, scared I had to run back."

That day to accompany his wife around the supermarket, the wife fancy a luxury jacket, very suitable after the fitting. Look at the price, your price. My wife told me gently: "we will come back tomorrow to buy it." I am grateful to my wife's wisdom, not only saved my face, but also gave me the money. It seems a real thrifty wife. Is secretly delighted. Selling clothes, said: "do you know why it is now the third is very rampant? Is because you are not the main bear to spend money, so the husband will be rich Bao Xiaosan." Say a word. Even the wife got heart. Buy it at once. I really admire the wisdom of selling clothes,,,

At dinner that day, TV is playing emotional drama, we couple and our five year old son, are eating while watching. Sometimes talk about the story. Suddenly appears on the screen of a pair of young men and women affectionate lens; see the two of them in bed fierce kiss, and actor to heroine clothes a piece off and thrown to the bed. I feel like this is not good for children. I was nervous to look at my son's reaction, but the situation is not as bad as I thought. I saw the son ate and muttered: "Mom, why you can throw clothes, but I can not?"