The ten joke: the man who is so humorous is to be said by you to be puzzled amorous feelings unexpectedly?

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The ten joke: the man who is so humorous is to be said by you to be puzzled amorous feelings unexpectedly?

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Guide language:This year the money must be friends, pay on time is not a friend, is a benefactor! Just now, a man suddenly rushed out to scold me is a pig, my gas humphsquirts humphsquirts can not say a word.

[ten jokes]

1, women wear more time, men like to look at the place, women wear less time, men like to look at the cover of the place. So, I concluded: no matter the woman is not exposed, the man would like to see that a few places! And small make up I will not the same, I have reached the heart of the heart no code everywhere!

2, the monkey king havoc in heaven when why Lao does not directly use the his diamond ring to Sun Wukong's golden cudgel into sets, then shake gold rope to bind of Sun Wukong, finally with his purple hyacinth to suck the monkey king to pus formation.

3, social survey found that: after a woman bath, the general will be "I'm pretty good", "good skin", "nice" and the like, why? Because the bath head into the water......

4, the old toilet was stolen mobile phone, then catch huang. Finally, the thief ran to be not moved. Actually counter head Huang to lambaste: "fuck, a hundreds of pieces of money the old cell phones, you fucking chasing me after ten kilometers! You in the end is how to dig ah!" Huang trembling said: "no, i...... Just to put the charge...... Charger to...... You, year...... Young people do this...... This thing can not be...... Easy grass, shocked passers-by!

5, a female classmate after me, my QQ name is fish, her name is grass fish, I changed my name to listen to the wind, she changed into a grass, listening to the wind, I finally figured out a name, I put the QQ name was changed to "my dad", I thought to myself, you can grass his dad? You'll see her change her name. "My mom"..... Horizontal trough....

6, I am male cock wire today to the company work, find a beauty and sit at my right, said to be new, short sleeved dress, black silk and high-heeled. Make my mood surge, work full of power, just in time to work, she is very easy to open her arms is very relaxed, I look down her sleeve, and found that the opposite of the cuffs you look at me ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

7, I remember one year, one of my children at the train station to go to the night. Do in the iron fence. An old lady is very wretched over and asked my friend. The guy can't live in a hotel. My friend said. Not live. The old lady is not willing to also say that there is a miss. My friend said. Thank you, I don't need; the old lady to continue to the temptation to miss are more than and 200 years old. Can look good. My friend is angry; from the pocket of his trousers neatly with ten dollars. Ask the old lady. I'm fucking ten bucks. You made me do it!

8 and her boyfriend very stiff, puzzled amorous feelings, today and he went shopping together, stroll around because of a bit bagatelle I lost his temper: "annoying, roll, I don't want to see you." Then he bought me a patch! However, such a humorous man has also been you said to be confused?

9, the office has a handsome woman, is the goddess of the grass root. We have nothing to do with her children like a joke funny funny.. Today is Monday, all the cock wire collective siege to her, said a few raunchy, the goddess face is tiny and red, nasty, said in a loud voice: I still cucumber big girl.

10, the home toilet toilet paper is blocked, shit all over. Listen to the Internet that put loach can dredge, resolutely bought more than and 10 lost in. It's no use. They don't go to the bottom. Then I ran to ask the Almighty net friend, the net friend said must use the boiling water to be hot. OK! I burned a pot of boiling water, poured directly into the water. The results did not expect to be a hot boiling water and loach bounce, I have a splash...... The said with boiling hot, you come out, I promise not to kill you!!

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