Ten joke: original drill eating corn that was invented by Chaplin!

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Ten joke: original drill eating corn that was invented by Chaplin!

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Guide language:Bought a fish in the pot stew, an hour after the eldest daughter through the kitchen frowning niezhuobizai said: what flavor? Seafood, it's disgusting. Turned around and ran away. A five year old daughter after two smell the nose and said: what delicious taste?. So old 12 years old only 60 pounds, and the second is already 40 pounds.

[ten jokes]

1, no time to go to work to cook, go to a small restaurant every day to buy rice. This background...... Today, the dialogue is as follows: Boss: come? I: Hey hey, yeah. Boss: a beggar? I: wood, I buy rice...... Dizzy, all the way of pedestrians are laughing.

2, go to the hospital, passing paediatric acupuncture treatment rooms, all crying, suddenly a tore heart crack lung sounds: "help me to help ah!" Then a lot of people have looked into, a child is the three person to hold the needle... Look at TV, so it is necessary to make a needle piercing?

3, last night with a mosquito war last night, were tied, it did not eat, I did not sleep well. This morning to unlock my electric car, less than ten minutes, moments under the heavy rain, and no umbrella, can only go all the way back...... I just thought it was going to be a dog, so I could see a little teddy in a raincoat and walk in the rain. Does not say, the heart is tired.

4, the morning I went to buy Deep-Fried Dough Sticks sister paper, incredibly the price! I asked: "uncle, how yesterday was 1 today to 2?" Uncle said: "because of the price of pork." I was depressed "pork prices close Deep-Fried Dough Sticks what?" Uncle to a sentence: "because I want to eat pork!" It makes sense, I'm actually speechless..

5, I am very disgusted with his son so much as a bed with a wife to sleep. I own a house of my own bed... Tonight, I finally shouted to his son: you do not have a brother in the future, do not blame me and your mother ah! Note: the son to marry a wife so big, not to sleep with his wife with parents sleep ah!

6, one day, I went to the bathroom to take a bath boss said: male bathroom 10, female bathroom 100 I said the boss you TM too dark, the boss said wash not wash, I decided to pay a one hundred in a look, lie groove!!!!

7, I associate with me, I am married to rush, birthday I send my 6S, the usual exchanges so long also he spent more than 1000, finally he put forward to break up, the mobile phone to go back and say broken clean, I put the phone him, for the first time are to him, and he was a man happened, how to say it. This is embarrassing!

8, one day to buy a fish to go home, so that my boyfriend to wash, male friends said: "it is not necessary!" I was very puzzled and asked: "why?" He said: "the fish in the water every day, why should wash!"

9, to attend the wedding of his former girlfriend, I took the cup to the bride and bridegroom wine drinking, he said: "I did. Now it's your turn." The groom was very happy and drank a cup, he seemed to find a half day

10, Xu Xian sleep snake, ningcaichen sleep ghost, Dong Yong sleep fairy, until you see the spend thousands of bone only, know to fall 11 dare sleep caterpillars..

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The original drill eating corn that was first invented by Chaplin......

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