[hip hop] to find a boyfriend in addition to look at the face, what is more important?

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[hip hop] to find a boyfriend in addition to look at the face, what is more important?

2016-07-21 03:27:06 305 ℃

Text / Ku Chajun

The total female readers complained to the pants, why the post is always present male like females, they don't like one handsome money temperament is good single legs Obama?

We often see such suggestions, pants always felt very tangled...... Shall I say what I like about men? What do you really do?

But as a considerate, responsive small, today I decided to meet the requirements of woman.

First of all, your Chen Xiao is married...... You don't have a chance! People living in the tomb of Shen Jiayi married, the most crucial is not broken hand, didn't jump off a cliff.

Most of all, you have no chance.

If you don't care, Chen Xiao, then I will tell you, you Lafayette also looking for his wife, others is still hard to scrape together the kind, although looks a little shameless, but you can see his smiling face......

Do you despair?

If the two is not to poke your G-spot, I have to tell you, you also want to marry Wallace Huo, the end of the month!

Is not particularly sad? Is not particularly upset? Is not a foundation can not take over?

But somebody else Hu Ge has not said anything, what are you?

Finish the above paragraph, pants feel itself in the field of writing to create a new history, awkward wording: is to pretend the whole ego ascended the. In fact, my heart is not trace of volatility, even a little laugh!

Practice has proved that I was still more suitable for a small green fresh and healthy. Write, for what the point......

But about you find a boyfriend thing, underpants is still have words to say with sister, the following represents only the pants of the concept of the ego.

1, never be attracted to a man's appearance, even handsome to burst to calm any men in the presence of the opposite sex to peacock as, offer your unrequited love.

But when you get along with a period of time before you find his talent, most of them are a treasure, do not chase you, and so on? Once again, the value is not to do with the color.

3, interesting guys than pure grow handsome intimate, this department men are more likely to EQ is particularly high, but look daft Meng Meng, mostly installed, a beating.

Such men are mostly automatic attack, women chasing men would have bothered him, this is the so-called if a funny than in front of you suddenly not funny, or especially he care about you, or he is very awkward.

4, the daily ordinary you have a good relationship and he doesn't care about you at stem what, and only care about you eat, drink, sleep, expression, and ordinary contact frequently male, please marry him! In addition to your father, you can get such a love, please do not hesitate, and hope that they will not be able to speak.

5, the money on the line! Have money on the line! Have money on the line! Even if we break up, even if the divorce. You can also points to a lot of money, you break even -- about rich men, everybody very understand, I not concretely introduces.

Some people will be very strange today why underpants said that these tools to his face...... It's not because the girls are lonely, empty, cold...... So my fellow men, what are you waiting for?

Seriously, pants on the reason for writing these tools, not to prove itself have how great, just pure hope in a world of fast food consumption, don't pride as consumable parts, especially the girls, you do not have a second youth can start all over again. I hope you can be dangerous, someone of your gentleness.

Just like the pants on...... My temple!

My pants is king, should be a bad man!

[net friend on the wall]

Girl, pants your heart feel?

Scared, huh? That I'm still neither fish nor fowl!

Work for the reader!!

I'm so dare you to go up to the wall...... But I really don't want to argue with you! Call to resist their own is a false proposition!

To be able to live well, but also dare to ask so much?

And I was very impressed.

[daily ask]

Don't look at the color value, which one is your favorite?

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