10 Strange pictures are said to be too many people dare to challenge!

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10 Strange pictures are said to be too many people dare to challenge!

2016-07-21 11:02:56 310 ℃

The following 10 Strange pictures, test of intelligence and psychology, ask you dare to challenge?

No.1[deep sea test]

It is said that there are deep phobia who saw this figure will chest tremor, stifled.

No.2[powerful hypnosis

When you can't sleep, this figure can help you oh!

No.3[Ultra Powerful hypnosis

Advanced version! Play a powerful hypnotic effect, if not trapped, it is estimated to be around you!

No.4[blink deformation map

Fast blink of an eye, every time there is a new feeling ~ graphics is not heavy like Oh ~

No.5[magic picture

Staring at the center 20s, you'll wonder whether you're blind...

No.6[reverse rotation]

It is said that both left thinking people see this picture is always clockwise,

Right brained people see is always counterclockwise,

IQ breakthrough in the horizon of the people, will see the reverse rotation, you do?

No.7[eye test]

This picture, although it looks a bit scary,

But to think about it, it's really creative.

Can you see some kinds of animals?


0-10, super myopia.

11-20, normal vision.

21-30, you're the magnifying glass.

30, worship god.

No.8[gun pointed at you

No.9 [train]

Strong willed people can quickly switch the direction of the train.

No.10[don't believe you're not dizzy.

Refuses to accept, you try! You are not dizzy god!