Inventory of Chinese Translation: God smell of urine dry noodles poured in the grandmother on the juice

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Inventory of Chinese Translation: God smell of urine dry noodles poured in the grandmother on the juice

2016-07-21 11:05:36 377 ℃

There are eight cuisine dishes it is beyond count China. We usually offer dishes catchy, but when these dishes to the world, the translation is a little embarrassing...... According to reference news network reported that the United States, "New York Times" Tucao Chinese food in all let people simmer with laughter and see.

You face Kao Lao Lao - Sauce on My Grandma (in my grandmother's pouring juice)

You face Kao Lao Lao (Kaolao K million ol million o) is northwest of staple food. Kaolao refers to the use of wicker, shaped like a bucket container. "Kao Lao Lao" is a kind of food you face Seiko secret agents, because of its shape like "Ba Dou", folk called "Lao lao".

U.S. media said that if Michelin to take unexpected wonderful dishes make a star, a restaurant in Pingyao, China probably will be the world's top restaurants. There is a large sign outside of it, showing the name of the store the most delicious dishes, from the point of view of English, "in a bowl (in bowl," you flour silk "(you flour silk, beef cat ears (beef Cat' s ear) and" pouring in my grandma juice, soup, sauce on my grandma).

Braised pork dry noodles -- The Smell of Urine Dry Noodles (the smell of urine dry noodles)

On a restaurant menu in Xi'an, "Noodles The Urine Dry" (Smell of) is a "urine dried noodles". Shenzhen is the famous "Qurum shrimp" (Gollum Shrimp, Sour Shrimp) proud. A restaurant in Beijing offers "Hand That the Grasps Fried Cowboy The" and "deep fried bee" (Swarm Bone) with "the cowboy bone.".

"New York Times" reported that the public institutions are not a sign of how.

Carefully Slide (carefully carefully slipped)

There is a warning sign is "Beware of the wallet to bite you / carefully slip" (Wallet/Carefully Slide Beware), meaning, look at the prison of your wallet, walking on slippery ground should pay attention to.

Disabled person special -- Person Deformed (abnormal person special)

The identification of the use of some of the special toilet seat is "abnormal" (Person Deformed).

Even the business signs, often ironic.

Taiwan: trunk -- Ecstasy (ecstasy)

Taiwan's trunk people (ecstasy, brand name; English psychedelic) clothing chain businesses do not seem to realize its trademark is the illegal drug MDMA commonly known, so shop signs written "welcome to the world of Ecstasy" and "ecstasy family make you crazy".

"New York Times" reported that the Chinese and English difference is too big, so often can see this kind of awkward translation. They may make English speakers laugh, but China's official doesn't feel this funny: when the major international events held in China, the government will attempt to clean up the translation of the absurd.