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I don't kill the joke was one of your

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Have not seen such a woman

On the night of the wedding, the bride and the groom are not in a good mouth.

Groom: "I have never seen such a woman,

A little dissatisfied with the strike! I took you!"

Bride: "I've never seen such a man,

I just don't want to be oppressed!

I was not sent you a kill!"

These two days the stock market crash,

A: "where did you get rich?""

B: "speculation stock."

A: "how do you do it?"

B: "careless, recently kanlou."

A: "well, you're making a house of money."."

B: "make your sister, looking for a place to jump!"

Our class male math teacher is a male teacher, like and girls,

One day with the class a sister chat, as follows.

Teacher: "where is your father doing business? I'm free to take care of his business."

My father works in a funeral home..."