Summer vacation, and to the boys lined up to cut the foreskin of the season... Do you need it?

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Summer vacation, and to the boys lined up to cut the foreskin of the season... Do you need it?

2016-07-21 01:34:46 2577 ℃

Yesterday, the network heat transfer

Boy are queuing circumcision

It is said to have taken a hospital in Beijing

The baby is very calm, naked play mobile phone

Do you have a child?

One summer vacation

Circumcision is a

The hot topic among boys and their parents

Recently, Peking University Shenzhen hospital

Usher in a big wave of circumcision boy

Even parents

With a two or three year old boy to make an appointment.

Network heat transfer pictures, the picture shows the Beijing University Hospital in Shenzhen

According to Peking University Hospital, deputy director of the Department of Urology, Shenzhen hospital, Dr. Shi Bentao introduction

This kind of operation schedule full of summer vacation

Many parents to make an appointment two months in advance

Has been booked to the end of August.

Hospital average daily to do 8 children circumcision

A summer down to do 400 or so

Shi Bentao remind parents

Found that the baby is a specialty do not have to be too panic

It is not necessarily a non operation

史本涛Associate chief physician, Department of Urology, Peking University Shenzhen hospital

Wrapping is like "little Ding Ding" outside of a layer of close fitting clothing, how to treat this coat, but also from the previous life and this life.

Past and present life of foreskin

The foreskin is God to primates, especially the special and precious gift. Every normal human being has a foreskin. In women, it protects the clitoris, in males, it protects the glans penis. Thus, the foreskin is a necessary part of a human organ.

In hominids, the function is more prominent, the original human due to hunting and other activities, in the deep forests often all mosquito bites, so as the wrapping cover, make people more convenient to complete all kinds of activities. Modern humans, no longer hunting for the original activities, and are well dressed, especially in the fine workmanship of cotton underwear, increase the protection of the genitals. But,Foreskin, as a result of human evolution for thousands of years, its protective effect can not be ignored.

However, in certain ethnic or religious culture, in order to adapt to their social inheritance or religious ceremony, in childhood or row "adult ceremony", but will this precious gift cut as offerings. In culture, such as Australia and the United States, a lot of people circumcision surgery to improve health conditions, reduce sexual transmission of disease, prevention of penile cancer and gynecological diseases.

In fact, the foreskin is not devoid of, first of all, the foreskin can protecting children immature glans and urethral mouth, avoid friction outside of clothing diapers; secondly can protect and maintain local sensitivity, increase (as an adult, you know); the foreskin or urethral or genital reconstructive orthopedic surgery excellent material for such as hypospadias, eyelid injuries between partner pleasure.

What is the redundant prepuce and phimosis?

Male baby in the growth process is always inevitably encounter "Tintin" troubles. Data shows, Chinese men aged 7-22, phimosis incidence rate was 67.8%, phimosis incidence rate was 10.1%. So, how to judge the child has this kind of symptom?

Wrapping is too long it is to show wrapping to cover urethral mouth, but can go up, show urethral mouth and glans. The disease and genetic factors can be divided into true phimosis (penile erection balanus can not be fully exposed) and false sex wrapping grows too (usually glans cannot be fully exposed, but after the erection of the penis glans can fully exposed).

Phimosis is the foreskin can not be turned up and down, wrapping mouth is very small, after erection glans is not exposed.

What are the redundant prepuce and phimosis harm?

Children with redundant prepuce and phimosis not only bring health problems, may also affect the sex life, parents must not be ignored.

1, causing the male small penis:Wrapping is too long can cause the male small penis, affect sexual life. This is because in adolescence due to the glans of the penis by wrapping tightly wrapped, no outside due to stimulation, so the glans of the penis development is bound, resulting in organs after the maturity of the penis was significantly smaller, will also affect the sex life.

2, damage the kidney function:Wrapping is too long can cause wrapping glans phlogistic, because of the inflammation of the penis, still can cause urethral mouth or urethral stricture, cause micturition difficulty. Long term difficulty in urination, renal function will be damaged.

3, cause wrapping glans inflammation:Wrapping is too long the most common hidden trouble is to cause male wrapping glans is phlogistic, because there is a lot of sebaceous glands inside wrapping, can secrete a lot of sebum. If the foreskin is too long, these sebaceous gland secretions can not be discharged, it will form a foreskin, the scale of these foreskin is a good breeding ground for bacteria, it will easily lead to inflammation of the foreskin.

4, lead to malignant transformation of penis:Repeated stimulation smegma inflammation is a major cause of canceration of penis. According to the survey, 85% - 95% in patients with penile cancer, are associated with bag bine or wrapping is too long, especially in patients with phimosis, penile cancer incidence rate higher.

Doctor's advice: not all circumcision should be cut.

Ben Tao Shi, redundant prepuce and phimosis, most children do not have to rush to do surgery, parents should observe, waiting, if encountered repeated wrapping infection, or wrapping to embed, in drug treatment effect is not ideal, can consider the operation treatment. At the same time, parents and doctors should pay attention to the child's psychological education, communication with the children, so that they understand the pros and cons of circumcision.

Many people cannot reveal the infant foreskin long, glans and urethral outside the mouth, this is called "physiological phimosis". With puberty, the penis becomes longer and longer, the foreskin will naturally back down, the head of the penis and urethral mouth also exposed. Therefore, most children do not have to rush to do circumcision, if there is inflammation, can be symptomatic treatment, pay attention to health or use the Potassium Permanganate piece of foam wash, relieve symptoms can be.

For 4-6 years old and still phimosis in children, topical corticosteroid ointment (4 times a day for 6 weeks) and 70% - 80% of phimosis can be loosened. After 7 years old still have phimosis children need surgical treatment.

(cleaning method)

For simple foreskin is too long, the male baby, the visual situation and decide, do not need surgery, usually pay attention to cleaning the glans and foreskin plate, avoid wrapping dirty long-term savings lead to wrapping glans. If often breed bacteria and cause inflammation of the glans penis, or discharge and sediment accumulation of severe forms of smegma, to active treatment, surgical treatment when necessary, in order to avoid long-term chronic inflammation and wrapping dirties stimulation, induce severe lesions. Clinically, the doctor will decide whether to operate according to the individual condition of the patient.

Shi Bentao reminded, hypospadias, webbed penis, concealed penis, penile deformity is a contraindication to the prepuce operation.

Postoperative care must pay attention to these issues

According to Shi Bentao introduction, there are many kinds of children's foreskin operation, including the traditional circumcision, circumcision, circumcision, circumcision, etc.. At present, it is common for circumcision.

Children wrapping sleeve ligation is common urological of an outpatient procedure, do not need hospitalization, the operation time of about 10 minutes and, although the operation time is short, but the postoperative nursing is very important, nursing of inappropriate may cause wrapping infection, bleeding and other complications. Then finish the foreskin ligation, should pay attention to what the problem?

1, the operation of the root of the penis local anesthesia method, postoperative need to observe 5-10 minutes in the operation room, without discomfort, can leave the hospital. Because it is a local anesthesia, so there is no special requirements in terms of diet, the normal diet can be.

2, after 2-3 days in bed mainly can be semi recumbent position, in bed reading, Internet and so on, within one week after operation, can not do strenuous exercise, such as running, jumping, etc. action and prevent tie ring prematurely dislodged, causing bleeding. Wear loose pants, reduce the discomfort caused by the friction of the glans penis.

3, after the operation, due to the effect of different anaesthetic subsidise is generally 60-90 minutes after surgery, children may feel "Tintin" pain, can be in "small Dingding" on the collar of the smearing salve, can play a certain analgesic effect. Severe pain in children can be a moderate amount of oral pain medication, dosage should follow the doctor's advice. Most of the patients can alleviate the pain by the above method.

4, after surgery every day with a disinfectant (povidone iodine or other disinfectant) disinfect the wound, early in the evening each time, with a cotton swab to glans of yellow white discharge swab wipe, with a doctor's prescription of erythromycin eye ointment (or other) ointment smear prepuce wound. After each urine is recommended to use a cotton swab to wipe the residual urine. In order to prevent infection, the general oral antibiotics for 3 days.

5, the glans penis embedded. Glans incarcerated operation is the most serious complication, postoperative glans general in the tie ring within, if discover glans from the ring in the fully extended, glans cannot return, accompanied by pain, swelling, in a timely manner to the nearby hospital. Long insertion time may lead to necrosis of the glans penis.

6, wound healing. In front of the glans of the ring after surgery 2-3 weeks of natural shedding, generally not more than 4 weeks. If more than 4 weeks to set the ring has not yet off, it is recommended to consult the clinic to find a urinary surgeon or surgeon, to see if the need for manual removal.

7, review. One week after the operation, to the Department of urology to find a doctor to review, to understand the recovery after surgery.

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