Used to make the small cap rattan when Li Shizhen said the drug fast, its effect of God, cures rheumatism

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Used to make the small cap rattan when Li Shizhen said the drug fast, its effect of God, cures rheumatism

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When I was a child living in the home, at that time no playground, no toys, are themselves in the mountains of "manufacture", all over the mountains and plains is our paradise. All day with the wild monkey, Manshan, really is the mountain birds, the river fish are done. The mountains of wild fruit in that, when you can eat, than anyone who knows, beautiful flowers do not know the name but can be used to play.

At that time always likes weaving straw hat, above, also have flowers, dream the sake of Xiangfei wearing "Huanzhugege" in that, so flowering vine is the best, the vines, flexibility can be compiled circle, above flowers naturally in a straw hat, also can be sagging, really like Sweet Princess Hat oh.

I know that my aim in the series cap vines grow up, grass is in Chinese traditional medicine weilingxian. As for Clematis Ranunculaceae clematis, Clematis hexapetala, dried root and rhizome or northeast clematis. Spicy, salty, slightly bitter, warm, small toxicity, bladder, liver, with Qufeng dehumidification, obstruction in the channels to relieve pain, mainly for treating rheumatism and arthralgia, numbness of the limbs, muscles spasm, Qu stretch disadvantage, athlete's foot swelling and pain, bone stuck throat.

Li Shizhen explained to his name: Wei, the nature of the fierce also; Ling Xian, said the work of God also. To give a very high evaluation. The "sea" set prescription: Weilingxian, to the wind, through the twelve meridians, sparse organs cold water su Xuan pus disease, profit not thirsty. People take the Qingjian, limbs, hand foot warm and cool. "Drug of righteousness": Ling Xian, the nature of fierce urgency, the cover away and not keep, declared through the twelve meridians. The wind, dampness, phlegm, stasis meridians, caused by gout go, joint pain, or numbness or swelling.

Modern pharmacological research show that Clematis have analgesic effect, promote smooth muscle contraction, the more important is have anti-inflammatory and anti microbial effect, significantly reduce the infection, inhibition of inflammation. At the same time can be used to extract Weilingxian assimilation of glucose lowering blood glucose.

But also because of the fierce resistance of Clematis Chinensis Osbeck, so not for long term use, weak and infirm is to be used with caution, "compendium of Materia Medica": Clematis, the temperature, and it tastes a little spicy salty. Symplectic discouraged, salty discharge, so rheumatic phlegm disease, strong service with the MRT effect, its probably Shu Li, long service fear the loss of Qi, gas weak nor service.

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