8 kinds of people in the summer most of the mosquito bites, you caught it?

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8 kinds of people in the summer most of the mosquito bites, you caught it?

2017-05-20 01:54:18 193 ℃

In summer, bare arms and legs are not only exposed meat,

Mosquito attacks were also revealed".

A lot of people are sensitive to skin and get a big bag when they bite;

Some people are particularly ticklish, often can't resist scratching the skin;

Some people are especially attracted to mosquito bites,

Surrounded by people called "human mosquito repellent incense."".

So how do you handle the swollen bag of mosquito bites?

How to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes?

Why do you call mosquitoes bite?

Let us answer it for you!

Why do you have mosquito bites?

Many people believe that mosquitoes suck blood according to their blood type. They say different blood has different scents, and mosquitoes choose their favorite type A blood. Blood type affects mosquito choice, but it's not the key. Mosquito bites depend on the strength of the body's biological signals to the mosquitoes. Human exhaust carbon dioxide, sweat and other air borne through the mosquito is to guide the effective information to find the target.

The small tentacles of mosquitoes contain carbon dioxide receptors, which can sense carbon dioxide, lactic acid and other substances. People emit carbon dioxide out of the air and mosquitoes can be detected 15 meters away. People with large lung capacity breathe out more carbon dioxide, and mosquitoes smell.

Sweat contains a large number of amino acids, lactic acid and ammonia compounds, mosquitoes are very sensitive to this. The bacteria on the skin of the human body can aggravate the odor of perspiration, which also increases the mosquito's appetite. So the mosquito bites often prefer the following 8 categories of people come:

How to avoid mosquito bites?

Now the most common method of anti mosquito is water repellent, toilet water, mosquito repellent bracelet, liquid, mosquito repellent, mosquito repellent incense, mosquito, mosquito lamp. In addition to a mosquito killing lamp and electric mosquito swatter, other chemicals products contain a certain amount of its composition, quality has great influence on the human body size:

First kind:Mosquito repellentHowever, good mosquito repellent effect, children prone to severe side effects, but the latest research shows that the insect repellent DEET on a key enzyme in the central nervous system could inhibit the activity, that is to say, is harmful to the human body. We represent the product

Second category:Mosquito repellent,And DEET (DEET) compared with more security features, less irritating, but the repellent effect is poor, in a relatively short time, such as toilet water.

Third category:Plant essential oil. Many vegetable oils such as cloves, mint, geranium, catnip, Callicarpa, has a repellent effect, but their volatility is too high, the average effective time in half an hour, need to reapply it may take effect. But winning is safer. Such as bees (including citronella essential oils such as N essential oils).

Fourth category:IcaridinCDC was named as one of the most effective repellents in addition to DEET. It is almost colorless and odorless, but has a wide effect on different insects, but attention up for security reasons, such products are generally 2 years old children after use. Autan, for example, germany.

Fifth category:Methyl nonyl ketoneIt is an effective component of Houttuynia cordata Thunb. It is citrus, oil and rue aroma. Mainly used in the manufacture of drugs and spices. It can also be used as a spice and used as an insect repellent. It is safer and more effective than DEET. Representative products: Pei's

7 ways to prevent mosquitoes

In addition to all kinds of mosquito repellent products, buy, buy, buy, and a lot of soil, it is worth a try Oh ~!

Method onePut orange cellophane on the bulb

The light and strong orange cellophane in the bulb, turn on the lights, mosquitoes will not fly, because mosquitoes are afraid of orange light, can also be an orange in the bedroom have small lights.

Method two: put mosquito repellent flowers

Put a basin of mint in your bedroom, mosquitoes will avoid the smell of mint. Summer, bedroom put some mosquito repellent effect of the flowers Oh ~!

Method threeLight orange peel

Light some dried orange peel in the room, mosquitoes also fled to hide, the residual tea and dry peel can achieve this effect.

Method fourRub the vitamin B1 solution onto your skin

Vitamin B1 can give off a special flavor that has no effect on people, but mosquitoes are afraid to stay close to it for about 2 days. Of course, can also choose balm and toilet water.

Method fiveIn the mosquito incense drops a little balm

The whole coils drip some of the wind, the room will not be having a bad smell, and mosquito repellent essential balm double effect is more obvious.

Method sixPut the empty wine bottle in syrup and put it in the bedroom

Mosquitoes like sweet taste, and they can drill into empty beer bottles when they smell sweet water. In the end, mosquitoes are mostly stuck in sugar syrup and die out of the bottle. In the bedroom has it, the mosquito has gone to it, has not been able to provoke you!

Method seven:Mash the garlic and put it in the doorway

Place the mashed garlic in the doorway or where mosquitoes are easy to fly. The smell of garlic will stimulate mosquitoes and mosquitoes will not dare fly again. This method is safe and exciting and is best used! The premise, of course, is that you can smell garlic

Dispel itching coup

Summer is often a mosquito bite. Bite the end pink bag so very itchy

A lot of people will use the nail on the top of the bag to pinch it, the pain will feel itchy and uncomfortable. You

Pinch a cross, the effect is very good. You

This is the cross curse of vampires. You

There are also more efficient students only pinch one word. You

This is the last warning to mosquitoes. It means the last time. Oh, come on, I'm falling out.

There are students like pinch three bars, this is the school of the secret love of the monitor's memory. You

A real chowhound pinch meter, and itching, and yangkeng. You

Those who like playing chess will pinch a well. You

Students who don't have dense fears can stab a lot with their pens, which works best. You

And a truly brave young man...

The above content is purely entertainment, such as coincidence, purely coincidental!