Mosquitoes are most afraid of this?

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Mosquitoes are most afraid of this?

2017-05-20 01:54:26 106 ℃

Hey, hi, everybody, I'm a mosquito you hate! A winter absence, I really want to die for you! (yes, especially miss your blood XD)

Living now, every time I see you in the wrong way, want to avoid the &, it hurts to get rid of us! Love killed so many years, but you don't seem to know me very well, even my happiness and evil are not clear...... Come and give you an opportunity to know me today!

Blood sweet, O type blood more mosquitoes?

It has nothing to do with blood

The flow of carbon dioxide exhaled human, animal, can guide us forward (air is more obvious, guidelines on the role of my stronger); I reach there is a temperature sensing device, it is very sensitive to temperature, can let me be more specific location where you are.

The smell of acetone, hydrogen, and lactic acid in my sweat is my navigator, and I'll fly to you as soon as I smell it!

In short, I like people who love sports, high temperatures and sweaty people.

How about spraying perfume so that mosquitoes don't smell like sweat?

Wrong! Some perfumes are my favorite!

It's clever to know that I like the smell of sweat and cover up the sweat! But don't use perfume, either...... You know, some perfumes and flowers are my favorite!

I hate the pyrethrum, bay leaves, leaves, lemongrass, lemongrass, garlic, geraniol the pungent smell of plants, if you must wear perfume, spray this. (but I guess you don't like it either.)

Wear long sleeves and long trousers, mosquitoes can not bite the meat?

Wrong! Do you know how heavy my needle is?!

Our mosquito bites are so sharp that they can sting even with jeansWith summer clothes, thick degree, is a piece of cake.

But wearing long sleeves and pants that can slightly cover your "sweaty smell", without the scent, it's hard to keep track of your movements.


We mosquitoes like dark places very much. If you wear light colors and reflect light, it will be difficult for you to get close to you.

New mosquito artifact: mosquito bracelets and mosquito stickers useful?

Standard is only useful!

This kind of "professional, electric mosquito repellent toilet water repellent" tool, generally add DEET, picaridin, IR3535 (ethyl Ding Ji acetyl propionic acid), lemon oil and other substances. We don't particularly like the taste of them, and they run far away when they smell.

Many insect repellent bracelets and mosquito repellent stickers also add these substances. They should be useful, they say. But now some of the market mosquito repellent bracelet, mosquito repellent paste did not obtain production permission, but these ingredients are randomly added to the product, not only useless, but also may cause harm to infants and children.

Tip: always look at the ingredients before use

Repellent, IR3535:More than 2 months infants can use;

Picaridin:Infants over 6 months can be used;

Lemon Eucalyptus oil:Children over 3 years of age can be used.

With toilet water, mosquito repellent liquid so it works!

Take an allergy test

Apply some tests on the inside of your arm before using. Test if you're allergic

Don't spray too much at one time

Mosquito repellent effect and spray little, nothing to do, do not spray too much at one time.

Don't spray it on the wound

This mosquito repellent products, do not spray to the wound, eyes, mouth, when the child sprayed, do not spray in the hands, to prevent them rubbing their eyes.

Apply it every 4 hours

Toilet water, mosquito repellent liquid can only play 4 hours while sweating will dilute the effect, and their effect will be shorter, mosquito repellent products. Once it's 3~4 hours, it should be painted again.

It takes 2 steps to get rid of the mosquito pack!

Don't scratch

While we are sucking blood, we also inject saliva, which is an acid substance. The immune system in your body finds that this acid secretes histamine, which causes allergic reactions and has a small bulge on the skin. And so on, "histamine" slowly metabolized, it will not be so itchy.

If at this time the hand to scratch, it will allow saliva to spread, this generation of "histamine" more and more, bulging bag is also growing.

Tip: poison mosquitoes are harmless

You often say "poison mosquito bites is relatively large, relatively slowly, in fact poisonous mosquito saliva really no poison, the package becomes so large, either because the" poisonous mosquito "really spit a lot of slobber in, either because of your" defense mechanism "is too intense, too much secretion of histamine......

If you say poisonous mosquitoes are poisonous, it may be that mosquitoes carry some infectious diseases......

Rub some soapy water

Rub the drum with soapy water and neutralize the acid in your saliva to relieve this allergic reaction".

We will be infected with hepatitis B, AIDS?


Now, more and more people cherish life, and after we bite, we are afraid that we will be infected with hepatitis B, AIDS, which is really wrong mosquitoes.

First of all, our physical conditions are not suitable for hepatitis B, HIV reproduction;

In addition, the amount of blood left on the mouth after blood sucking is very small, and the amount of the virus that carries it is also difficult to transmit. Hepatitis B or AIDS can be killed in minutes after your immune system is found;

Finally, we mosquitoes are also very emotional, okay? No, eat, spit this, drink the blood, kill, do not want me to spit out, we spit only saliva......

But there are some viruses that can reproduce in my body, but I might infect you, such as encephalitis B, malaria, dengue fever, and so on......

After being bitten by mosquitoes, be alert to these 3 situations

  • Have a high fever + headache + muscle and bone pain + red rash (from the palms, feet, trunk and abdomen, and gradually extended to the neck, limbs), may be infected with dengue fever;

  • High fever + headache + nausea, vomiting, lethargy and even coma may be encephalitis b;

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