Men masturbate incorrectly or cause premature ejaculation

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Men masturbate incorrectly or cause premature ejaculation

2017-05-20 01:55:10 427 ℃

Many men will have masturbation, however, masturbation is wrong way, it is easy to cause premature ejaculation, following the following Xiaobian together to understand.

When boys begin to develop, they develop a strong desire for sex. While some teenagers suffer bad temptation, they will catch some masturbation habits. Although male experts have said that proper masturbation is beneficial to men's bodies, not all masturbation is correct.

Early guidance for masturbation is the key to mastering the correct method of masturbation. In sexual organs begin to develop but immature forward-looking guidance, is the best period of intervention for premature ejaculation problems, at this time to give prospective correct guidance, we can make the day after the growth of sexual health knowledge to have a comprehensive understanding of health. Give them forward-looking guidance in the adolescent stage of masturbation. Popularize their sexual health education, guide them to correct masturbation and treat sexual love correctly. Then, after they appear premature ejaculation will decrease.

Don't bury the seeds of premature ejaculation in pursuit of momentary pleasure. Most teens experience sexual excitement when they are sexually aroused. Then, in a certain environment (obscene movies, erotic books, etc.), masturbation is learnt. What is more, masturbation, ejaculation is the pursuit of the moment of instant pleasure. Day after day, you develop the habit of fast ejaculation.

Many consultants have this description: just learn to masturbate, masturbation, it takes a long time to ejaculate. With the time of masturbation more and more, more and more times, and later, a little stimulation will ejaculate. In this process, the masturbation itself does not know that they are pushing themselves into a process that will become premature ejaculation. They have turned their own brain center of rapid switching to a highly sensitive state, a little sexual stimulation can trigger ejaculation valve opening.

You know, when masturbation is the ideal scene, the more relaxed stimulus intensity when you masturbate is unable to compare with the intensity of sexual stimulation provided by women during real sexual intercourse. When you masturbate, you can't tolerate the strong stimulation experienced by real sexual intercourse when you have less sexual stimulation. Thus easily triggered in real sexual intercourse, premature ejaculation.

But don't worry too much. Experts say that not all men who masturbate will end up with premature ejaculation. This still depends on whether individual constitution is good, masturbation is correct, masturbation frequency is overmuch, wait a moment. But once you find yourself having bad masturbation habits, it's better to get rid of these habits in order not to induce premature ejaculation.

The above describes the relationship between male masturbation and premature ejaculation. I hope to share it with you.