Why Dendrobium is known as "the first nine immortality of China"? More than 90% of the people are not clear

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Why Dendrobium is known as "the first nine immortality of China"? More than 90% of the people are not clear

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In recent years, the Dendrobium gradually entered our vision, in the 2010 edition of "Chinese Pharmacopoeia", "Dendrobium candidum" was singled out separately from other Dendrobium, it is really so magical?

What is Dendrobium?

Dendrobium are dry stems of orchids. From November to March the following year harvest, remove impurities, cut off part of fibrous roots, heating and twisted into a spiral or spring shape, drying, we call "tiepifengdou" or "Earrings". The stem is cut into segments and dried or dried at low temperature. We call it Dendrobium officinale".

The fresh stem of Dendrobium

The growth environment of Dendrobium

On the growth environment of Dendrobium demanding, wild Dendrobium growth in the trunk, branches, precipitous rock faces and sheer cliffs or rock crevices, perennial cloud fog and dew nourish. Its huge medicinal value and expensive price, together with its low reproduction rate, and the resources being exhausted, in 1980s, Dendrobium was listed as a rare wild medicinal herb protected by the state.

Regional distribution of Dendrobium

There are about 80 species of Dendrobium in China, most of which are in Southwest China, Southern China, Taiwan and other places. There are two major production areas: Zhejiang and Yunnan. The two provinces have the absolute advantage of growing dendrobium. Among the Chinese medicinal herbs of Dendrobium, Dendrobium officinale is the most valuable except for Mount Holyoke Dendrobium. Its medicinal value and market value are the highest.

The flower of Dendrobium

Dendrobium is one of the oldest Chinese tonic, is regarded as a medical "fill the five internal organs weakness, emaciation, strong Yin, thick stomach, light-weight Yannian" Shangpin medicine. In ancient times, many famous doctors preferred them and sent them to use drugs when they sent them.

Ancient famous doctor preferred Dendrobium

Because of the underdevelopment of science and technology, frequent wars and difficult life, the average life expectancy of the ancients is only more than 30 years old. Known as the "King" Sun Simiao, a hundred years old, this with his own long-term use of health related dendrobium.

According to historical records, the "plant manual" very adept at the use of Dendrobium, Dendrobium had repeatedly used the treatment of dying patients. Therefore, Dendrobium is also known as a "life-saving dianthera".

The king Sun Simiao

Wu Zetian's secret of looking old

Wu Zetian is the only empress in China, lived for 82 years, was one of the few people Chinese longevity ancient emperors, and keep energetic, healthy body, still not bad teeth until late in life, ear eyesight, looks beautiful, not the old woman's interpretation of myth.

Wu Zetian focus on health, the beauty secret took 50 years, the party by the famous health master, Ye Fashan in the Tang Dynasty physician, which is the official medicine dendrobium.

The queen Wu Zetian

National medicine master, love Dendrobium alone

The 93 year old medical Dean, Chinese medicine master Deng Tietao for many years has been taking dendrobium. The artificial cultivation of Dendrobium highly affirmed: "change for wild species, and efficacy than the wild, so good Dendrobium, must be done properly! You must contribute to the modernization of Chinese medicine in the world and the modernization of traditional Chinese medicine in twenty-first Century."

Identify the color, taste, price, distinguish the true Dendrobium

Usually fresh Dendrobium officinale on the surface with a thin layer of white leaf sheath, moist and plump, easily broken, there will be a section of fine particulate clay.

The stem of Dendrobium candidum due to dehydration, drying, stalk will show irregular or discontinuous shrinkage and wrinkles, dark day obviously, also known as "Dendrobium candidum". The darker the darker, the more obvious the better the quality.

The fresh Dendrobium

Dendrobium officinale smells like a faint scent. It tastes sweet and has a strong sense of viscosity when chewing. Usually, the stronger the viscosity, the higher the content of the polysaccharide, the better the quality.

But Dendrobium candidum cultivation cycle is long, cultivation, cultivation to the first harvest, generally need 5 years or so, and the yield is very low, doomed to its price.

The Dendrobium candidum

Be aware of Dendrobium candidum posing as Dendrobium candidum

Although the purple Dendrobium polysaccharide content is also high, chewing is also very sticky, no smell, but often the high fiber content, light purple water. Dendrobium candidum grows slowly, the ultimate height of growth is not more than 35cm, the ultimate height of the growth of Dendrobium can exceed 40cm, and the stem is not thick, relatively thin. In contrast, the treatment of Dendrobium candidum, disease prevention, health care effect is more obvious, the price is 4-5 times of dendrobium.

The flowers of Dendrobium

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