Experts suggest that lard can eat less, because......

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Experts suggest that lard can eat less, because......

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For many Chinese people, that jar of white lard is a wonderful memory.

When I was young, the home must a pot of lard, whether it is Steamed Rice, noodles, wonton, even if it is a plain but fried vegetable dish, just add a little lard, will become more delicious magic.

A simple bowl of lard rice, often can make the discerning gourmets tears trickling down cheeks.

All kinds of rumors, the lard was mixed, the friends committed to eat lard, what is good?

Tips for directly throwing healthy headlines: "this lard, you can eat less, eat less.".


Eat less and eat less

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A lot of friends on the one hand, of course he lard, lard is because special fragrance, light is to think that taste, let people inviting. More importantly, it is because there are rumors that eating lard is good for the body.

Health headlines checked the online argument, there are two main categories:

Vegetable oils are more likely to produce carcinogens at high temperatures, while lard and coconut oil are much better.

In the past, people ate lard and had less heart disease. Now everyone changes to vegetable oil, but heart disease is much more. So lard can protect the heart better than vegetable oil.

Here, please clarify them separately.

1. cooking temperature is reasonable, use vegetable oil to be ok

Most vegetable oils do produce harmful substances at high temperatures. But as long as you choose the right vegetable oil, such as olive oil, and control the cooking temperature (less fried, simmered), you can effectively reduce the harmful substances.

Moreover, even though carcinogens are less, fried foods themselves are not healthy.

2., eat less lard, it is the right way to prevent heart disease

In recent years, cardiovascular disease is becoming more and more frequent, which is related to a variety of unhealthy habits.You can't simply boil down to vegetable oil.

Look at the dietary guidelines for all countries, without exception,It is recommended to reduce saturated fat intake.

Really want to prevent heart disease, or eat less lard?. If the blood itself is abnormal, even to pipe shut, limit saturated fat.

1 scoops of lard top 3 tablespoons of vegetable oil

Lard contains saturated fat as high as 40%, so will appear smooth paste.

If you compare lard with most common vegetable oils, olive oil, for example, has a saturated fat content of 14% and lard 39%...... From this point of view, 1 scoops of lard do top 3 tablespoons of vegetable oil!

Saturated fat is enough. It can blend oil with starch, cellulose and so on. The taste will be more lubrication or crisp.

But always eating too much saturated fat, but fat will go up. Then the hardening of the arteries followed.

Many old friends have already exceeded the level of blood lipids, eating more attention. Take control of the mouth, that is the truth.

However, the health headlines know that lard smells sweet and eats more incense, which makes it difficult for many people to eat completely...... It should be right, is to take a bite?

Really want to eat lard,How much can I eat?

Dietary guidelines for Chinese residents suggest that saturated fats do not exceed 10% of the daily calories.

To help you figure out, a little more intuitive - ordinary adult women need about 1 million 800 thousand calories per day, then saturated fat should be controlled within 20 grams.If all is converted to lard, that is 50 grams.

Looks like the quota is pretty good

But saturated fat is more than lard!

Daily meat, eggs, milk, nuts, biscuits, pastries, and cooking oils all contain saturated fats. It is unlikely that the lard will go round, and the intake of saturated fat is far above the limit.

Lard, bacon, rice, Baked Scallion Pancake, Eight Delicacies Rice, lard or oil fried dishes...... Whether dessert, salty, meat, vegetarian, all can have lard.

Many traditional Chinese hearts, both layers of crisp cake, or salty fresh delicious egg yolk crisp, fragrant flower rose cakes, all kinds of fillings of moon cakes, dumplings, but also indispensable lard.

In order to health, friends can control the belly ah ~.

Yes, lard is very fragrant, but sincere advice health headlines can not eat do not eat lard, occasionally early adopters, we must control the amount of.

The body is its own, do not just mouth, forget health.

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