How to use plastic wrap to ensure healthy and fresh food?

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How to use plastic wrap to ensure healthy and fresh food?

2017-06-05 10:20:34 197 ℃

At present, most families use plastic wrap to preserve vegetables, fruits and foods, while others use plastic wrap to store food in the refrigerator. Some covered with plastic wrap in the bowl containing the leftovers. Some covered in cut half of the watermelon, some covered with plastic film on the microwave heating leftovers, it in the refrigerator to prevent various dishes and smell, to maintain the freshness of food has a certain role, but more and more research found that this handy convenient, is not safe

According to the classification of materials, there are three kinds of preservative films sold on the market at present

1. polyethylene, mainly used for ordinary fruits, vegetables and other packaging

2 poly partial two vinyl chloride, mainly used for some cooked food, ham and other products packaging

3. PVC, this material has a certain impact on the health of the human body, and now is not recommended for food packaging

According to the use of classification, the market for plastic wrap are generally divided into two categories

1., ordinary plastic film, suitable for refrigerator preservation

2. microwave oven plastic wrap, can be used in microwave ovens, refrigerators can also be used

3. microwave oven preservation film in heat resistance, non-toxic and other far better than ordinary plastic wrap, generally speaking, the correct use of plastic wrap food may be stored at room temperature for about a week

Do plastic wrap really keep fresh?

The 1. film role is to maintain the fruits and vegetables and food and water, the temperature is the important condition of preservation, no proper temperature environment is not up to the ideal preservation effect, so the best preservation at about 10 DEG C. If the preservation of food at ambient temperature, preservation of food, not only do not play a role in preservation, but will accelerate the decay of food, deterioration

2. if the film failed to use the correct, there are problems or cling film quality, so its use value is not only small, sometimes have side effects, if buy inferior plastic film (such as edible plastic film without sterilization) greater harm to cover food will cause pollution, causing food poisoning

3. now the fresh-keeping film on the market it is still possible to use PVC material, experiments show that this film to increase its adhesion, contains a ethylhexyl ammonia plasticizer, the plasticizer on the human endocrine system has a great destructive effect, will disrupt human hormones metabolism

The use of plastic wrap in the process should pay attention to the proper method

1., when vegetables are hot, do not cover plastic wrap

That is when the food preservative film with heat, otherwise not only can not play a role, but will increase the food loss of nutrients, and other vegetables must cool completely, then cover plastic film, not just in the pot dishes immediately cover film

2. minimize the use of plastic wrap to preserve meat

Because of some harmful substances in the plastic film may dissolve into the meat, so we should minimize the use of plastic film in the supermarket to buy fresh meat, covered with plastic wrap meat, home after the tear film preservation, food packaging for food preservation bags, then put into the refrigerator, food can also be installed in a ceramic container lid, if it is not to cover the container, covered with plastic wrap, try not to put the food too full to prevent exposure to film

3., the preservation depends on "food"

The preservation effect of fresh-keeping film can not be generalized, but due to the "food" varies, with plastic wrap chives, lettuce leaves the good preservation effect insurance for long time, but the preservation effect of radish, cucumber, the poor, the content of vitamin C will be greatly reduced

4. microwave oven should pay attention to the use of plastic wrap

The microwave heating, to avoid food and film contact, especially large oily food, heating food should tie a few holes in the plastic film covered containers, use should also pay attention to the fresh-keeping film can withstand the temperature of the heating temperature, in strict accordance with the brand label, or choose a fresh-keeping film for microwave oven better heat resistance

Consumers buy daily preservation film, mainly to distinguish between polyethylene and PVC products, the purchase of safe preservation of plastic wrap in general, there are 3 ways, that is, 1 look, 2 touch, 3 burning

1. see

See if there is any product description of the plastic wrap, if you have PE plastic wrap or polyethylene wrap, you can feel free to use it

2. touch

Polyethylene preservation film generally has a waxy feeling, poor transparency, easy to open after rubbing with hand; and PVC cling film is transparent and sticky better, hand rub after the bad expansion, easy to stick on the hand

3. burn

Polyethylene preservation film after fire, the flame is yellow, away from the fire source will not go out, there is a drop of oil phenomenon, and there is no pungent odor. PVC cling film because of containing chlorine elements, lit by fire, flame yellow green, smoke is relatively large, no drops of oil, leaving the fire will be extinguished, and there is a strong pungent odor


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