Once you eat, your skin will improve immediately! The food in the bowel is better than medicine master.

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Once you eat, your skin will improve immediately! The food in the bowel is better than medicine master.

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Environmental pollution, computer radiation, bad eating habits and so on, are likely to lead to a variety of physiological waste produced by the human body. If accumulate in the body for a long time, the face will be dark yellow...... It's horrible!

How to effectively discharge the body's physical waste has become a healthy topic for girls. In fact, we often eat vegetables, there are many detoxification function. The vegetables bowel is simple, and no side effects, Why not??

1 kelp

Kelp contains a substance called sulfuric acid polysaccharide, can remove the cholesterol attached to the blood vessel wall, so that cholesterol to maintain normal content.

Kelp in the seaweed because of high moisture content, the formation of gelatinous substances in the intestine, to help eliminate harmful substances, to prevent human absorption of lead, cadmium and other heavy metals, excluding radioactive elements in the body.

Seaweed soup with soybean

Kelp, soy, salt, soy sauce

1, wash and cut seaweed, soybean soaked for half a day.

2, soybean picked up the drain, pour into the dry pot and stir for a minute or so; in kelp, soy sauce along the edge of the pan into play, fragrance.

3, stir fry for a while, all the ingredients into the pot, add water stew.

4, soybean soft rotten, you can add salt from the pot.

If you have other ingredients you like, such as tofu, zucchini, etc., you can mix it with seaweed soup.

2, black fungus

The fungus grows in damp cool because of environment, traditional Chinese medicine believes that it has qi blood circulation, nourishing the role of cooling blood, can eliminate the blood of heat toxin.

Black fungus in the plant gum, has a strong adsorption capacity, play the role of clear stomach, intestines and stomach.

Agaric tofu soup

Edible fungus, bean curd, salt

1, the fungus soaked hair after washing.

2, fungus and tofu together into the pot. Add carrots and other vegetables according to your taste

3, boil for 10 minutes, add salt can be eaten.

Mung bean sprouts, treat due to lack of vitamin A caused by night blindness, lack of vitamin B2 caused tongue inflammation and scrotal inflammation, lack of vitamin C caused scurvy etc..

Mung bean sprouts off the skins, called mung bean, with Qingrejiedu, tuiyi Mingmu.

Green bean sprouts

1, spontaneous mung bean bud optional wash clean, cut off the root.

2, put it into the boiling water, boiled hot cooked.

3, good blanch mung bean sprouts control water, soy sauce, salt, vinegar, chili oil spill.

4, sprinkle with coriander, mix well tasty.

Carrot is an effective detoxification food, and in combination with mercury ions in the body, it can effectively reduce the concentration of mercury in the blood and accelerate the discharge of mercury ions in the body.

Potassium succinate, found in carrots, helps prevent hardening of the arteries and lowers cholesterol levels. Carrot contains B vitamins and vitamin C and other nutrients, but also emollient, anti-aging effect.

Stewed beef breast with carrots

1 sirloin, soaking for 1 hours, water exchange, intermediate wash blood, fat removal and miscellaneous film, cut chunk;

2, two pieces of ginger, cooking wine and sirloin together under cold water pot, boil, boiled water after the wash block sirloin;

3, put the amount of oil in the pot, the prepared onion ginger garlic aniseed, pepper, cardamom, skin grafting, chili bean sauce, add, saute, put a small piece of candy, then put the piece of sirloin stir fry two minutes to dry water, cooking wine, soy sauce into the amount of color, soy sauce and fry, add boiling water, water can be flush and sirloin;

4, after the fire, turn the small fire for 1 hours;

5, onion, carrots and potatoes washed into pieces; wok with a small amount of oil, small fry sweet onion, and then add carrots and potatoes, stir fry for about 3 minutes;

6, join the sirloin pot, boil a small fire after the boil for about 20 minutes.

Pumpkin is rich in pectin, can delay the intestinal absorption of sugar and lipids, but also to remove heavy metals and some pesticides in the body; pumpkin rich in cobalt, is necessary for the synthesis of trace elements of insulin.

Steamed pumpkin with crispy garlic

1, pumpkin, a small wash spare, pumpkin go to the bag, peeled, cut into 1 cm or so thin slices.

2, put onions, ginger, garlic and chili mince, put bowl spare.

Put a little vegetable oil 3, wok, add onion ginger garlic and saute a small fire; add a little salt, soy sauce and stir fry, add a little water to boil.

4, with the ingredients cooked in a pumpkin, and then steamed on the steamer, 7~8 minutes.