Varicose veins of lower extremity? No treatment will have any consequences? How to prevent? Don't blame me for not saying that!

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Varicose veins of lower extremity? No treatment will have any consequences? How to prevent? Don't blame me for not saying that!

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What is the lower extremity varicose veins?

The artery of the lower limb is supplied from the proximal end to the distal end of the tissue and blood is supplied to the heart. In the lower limb of the human body there are two kinds of vein systems, one is the deep vein, one is the superficial vein, the depth of the vein through the traffic vein connected with each other.

Due to genetic, heavy manual labor, long standing, trauma, multiple pregnancy, deep vein thrombosis and other factors will lead to the insufficiency, and blood flow resistance increases and turn the clock back, this is varicose veins of the main mechanisms. Long reflux will make the venous pressure increase, will cause the distortion of venous dilation, days and months multiplying, known as varices.

If you do not treat varicose veins will have any consequences?

If long-term for treatment, the limb disease increasingly heavy congestion, limb disease have soreness, numbness, sleepy, heaviness, fatigue, thrombotic phlebitis will lead to severe pain. Long-term development, the lower part of the leg and foot (ankle area) skin can appear atrophy, desquamation, pigment calm, eczema and chronic ulcer ulcer for many years not to heal, serious impact on lower limb function, is what we often say "sickle sore leg", "old sodden leg", serious can appear acute bleeding, need surgery to stop bleeding, treatment is more difficult.

(1) the effect of leg appearance

Varicose veins in addition to the influence of leg beautiful, early onset, patients have acid bilge discomfort and pain; later damaged in the uplift of the veins, dilated and tortuous, leg saphenous vein stroke.

(2) venous injury

Long varicose patients with venous wall is weak, high venous pressure, coupled with poor local blood supply caused atrophy of the muscle and fat tissue, varicose veins highlights in the subcutaneous, mild damage will cause ulcer, and easy to damage the vein wall.

(3) edema associated with eczema

Due to venous congestion caused by tissue edema, and skin eczema changes.

(4) ulcer

Skin itching, the patient will aggravate eczema, unable to restrain the emotions of scratching, erosion and ulcer. The duration of the elderly often skin atrophy, scaling, itching, pigmentation, skin and subcutaneous tissue induration, and even the formation of eczema and ulcer may sometimes bleeding and thrombotic phlebitis.

(5) necrosis

The ulcer occurred in the upper medial malleolus and medial calf 1/3. Due to tissue insufficiency, ulcer tissue around the thin, black skin hardens, ulcer healing time, more easily after the recurrence.

Prevention of varicose veins:

1, avoid long time standing or sitting posture, walking can promote venous return by pumping the calf muscles.

2, raising the lower limb can alleviate edema and other symptoms.

3, wearing a pressure gradient can delay the development of the disease.

Occurs in the persistent standing work or heavy physical labor, such as salesmen, teachers and porters, military etc.. The number of women with multiple births and significantly more obese people are also more common.

Health guidance for varicose veins:

Women (especially women), long standing (more than 6 hours per day), obese people are more likely to have varicose veins. Prevention of varicose veins, you can start from the following aspects:

1, leg, varicose veins is due to venous weakness blood back to the heart, so the leg to help slow down the disease.

2, pad high bed tail, help to sleep when the blood flow.

3 don't wear high heels.

4, maintain an ideal weight.