Open up a small Sunday, all are not invaded!

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Open up a small Sunday, all are not invaded!

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There is no chicken soup, folk remedies, rumors, advertisements, only trustworthy Taoist health knowledge!

Open up a small Sunday, all are not invaded!

"Moral" said: good people are not sick (no problem), because he can recognize their own shortcomings, and immediate action to change, therefore, is not all. For us ordinary human body, more should always aware that the body defects and disorders, immediately with best health methods (such as: breath lifting method) to repair their own health, so, will achieve "disease".

Open a small Sunday, you can not sick

In ancient China, if a martial arts master of martial arts "to strive for further improvement, will open up before and after the lifeline of the body's most important: in front of the rear of the Du Ren. As a Chinese medicine doctor, I found that if ordinary people or patients can get through one of the most important Rendu two veins, the equivalent input connected to the pipeline for the human spirit, can make the body quickly improved.

In fact, this is the law of health recognized by doctors of all ages.

In front of the Ren, is actually a very good resolution, the important point is two, one is the navel (terminology called "Shenque"), a two milk in the middle of points, called "tanzhong". The human body. This two major points are linked by a line that is "ren". Very good memory, right?. Moreover, in this meridian, there is a familiar "health point", "the pubic region" (3 inches below the belly button, the professional term called "Guan yuan").

Know Ren, it is very easy to remember another lifeline - du. Ren in the chest, then, in the back of the corresponding meridian and Ren, is du.

Some people will ask: Ren and Du Meridian is the human body before and after the "lifeline", is not too exaggerated, really have so much power?

Of course, in the specific method of TCM, if a person can use it through Ren and Du two veins, and then, it is called "open Sunday", that is to say, by health practitioners, let the human spirit as well as the flow along the ring, a two big puleses so "true, from the patient safety from?"

Why do the two meridians have such an important function of health care? This is from the known as "China first" modern medicine of Chinese medicine that Zhang Xichun said, because he can help you with the "Yellow Emperor" in the "four adjustable theism" health care will be able to carry out, Ren and Du, even better than drugs!

Do not believe, please see Zhang Xichun in his book "the 3 story medical medical sincerely participate in the West recorded" in the story:

Someone because of something on the road north, Ougan cold. Suddenly thought of Mr. Zhang Xichun in his medical works mentioned in the "refining treatment method", and then try to "call drop lift" in the car in the car, walked about 30 miles, I felt the cool heart Shu, cold suddenly resolved Not the least trace was found.

Severe diarrhea disease patients had repeated treatment ineffective, he suspected no cure. Later, Zhang Xichun taught the patient "call drop treatment method practice gas suction", just try four or five days, feel the original cold belly become warmer, persist for some time, and repeated treatment invalid was cured.

There are patients suffering from a serious illness, when the onset of asthma worse, can not sit nor lie down, eat a lot of drugs are not used. Later, Zhang Xichun told him "call down, suck up" practice Qi therapy. A year later, one often feel warm, full of heat body, the troubled years of the disease restored to health. The patient said: "the secret of Yilin, anti natural essence between! Who is next to the maker of the wise? Be careful, secret, inhuman!"

This is a drug regimen, is very simple, is also the case mentioned in the "call drop of suction":

When you breathe, as long as the "breath" and "breathing" corresponding to "Ren" and "Du" on it.

(1)"Breath", letting the air along the direction from the upper chest Ren, (two milk "danzhong" (position) is reduced to under the navel position, to the lower Dantian Shenque) position;

(2)Then, when we breathe in, let the breath back along the meridian direction, up and down, until the head.

That is to say, a ring to let breath of Ren and Du along the flow, you can.

Zhang Xichun has described its magical effect: "Du. Can heal behind the disease; the body can heal Tong Ren disease; and any universal and popular vitality, healthy and vigorous spirit, thus can be immortal."

The only thing to pay attention to is "call, fall, suck, rise". So, not by clicking on the Ren and Du Meridians, also can make the atmosphere in Governor Meridian breathing two internal circulating flow, repeated cycle, is true. Although not a point by point, 100 points natural blood flow, as the "Yellow Emperor" said: "from the Zhenqi, an illness from?"

Some people may ask, "breath lifting method" is not only to raise the "spirit" of the gas, but not Yangjing and God? In fact, the spirit and essence of three-in-one, interdependence, a prosperity, a loss. As in the famous Chinese medicine, "in the treatment of syndromes", he said, "refinement of Qi and gasification of God.". Therefore, the essence of the body, the spirit of God, the Lord, the house of God is also." After a hundred years of heritage of health law, can be fully nourishing on human spirit, rather than the bias in the corner.

Zhang Xichun because I realized the "classic" the essence of this, concentrate on practicing qigong practice, the original more than 40 year old began to feel the gradual weakening of the body, after practicing this method to cure it, until the age of more than 70, also did not reduce the physical energy. At the age of 73 When Zhang Xichun wrote an article "on the power to sit with healers when the enlightenment philosophy" article, specifically for the majority of Chinese counterparts, advocated by sitting power, "shout down suction" of the law, to achieve "smart Dayton open, or philosophy" and "use the party, conveniently work" the effect of. And I use this method is to help patients for a long time no disease, so that they restore the spirit, and embark on a healthy road.

"Moral" said: good people are not sick (no problem), because he can recognize their own shortcomings, and immediately act to change their shortcomings, so do not fall ill. For us ordinary people's health, but also to realize the body defect at any time and conditions, immediately with best health methods (such as: breath lifting method) to repair their own health, so, will achieve "disease".

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