How can men sleep well before three are advised to avoid

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How can men sleep well before three are advised to avoid

2017-06-29 01:33:51 219 ℃

It is no exaggeration to say that sleep is a great source of health. So how can a man sleep well?

First of all, to develop a good habit of falling asleep and waking up in time, following the objective law of sleep and wakefulness. This will stabilize sleep and avoid excessive fatigue in the cerebral cortex cells. As we all know, a strict work schedule is not only a guarantee of creative labor, but also of great significance for such physiological processes as sleep and wakefulness. Strict adherence to our schedules can make our sleep and wakefulness processes more likely to be more natural and more profound than conditioned reflexes.

In addition, do not do strenuous mental work before going to bed, avoid strenuous exercise or manual labor. Instead, take a walk outdoors, minimizing subjective stimuli. The character is easy to excited man, before going to bed not exciting speech, not to look at the books should not watch the strike a deep chord, so that people can not forget the movie or drama. Dinner is not too late, nor should it be full.

Should eat some digestible light food, pay attention to eat more vegetables and a certain proportion of coarse grains, keep defecate unobstructed. Dressing should not be used too heavy. Do not smoke at night, should not drink strong tea or coffee and other stimulating drinks, and do not drink too much drink or juice. Smoke, tea, and coffee stimulate the brain and make the brain less susceptible to depression.

And drink too much juice will lead to increased urination, is not conducive to sleep again. It is well known that brushing your teeth before going to bed is necessary. But also to develop the habit of washing feet with warm water, which can promote blood circulation in lower limbs, is conducive to sleep soon. When conditions permit, you can wash with warm water or hot water. Before going to bed to take off outside - Yin, underwear to timely change, if possible, can wear loose - Yin, bedding should be kept clean, often dry, to keep dry and kill bacteria.

The man before going to bed three Gizo bogey a man's life, there are more than 1/3 of the time is spent in sleep. Normal and good sleep can regulate the physiological function and maintain the balance of the nervous system. It is an important part of life. Poor sleep, lack of tomorrow will make a man feel dizzy, body weakness. This shows that sleep is closely related to health, work and learning. In order to get a good night's sleep, attention before three Gizo bogey is very important.

Three should beFirst, go for a walk before bed. "Purple rock hidden books - Health Theory:" sleep when the line around the room a thousand steps, beginning on the pillow....... Cover is God work, Laozesi interest, and very dynamic and static. Two, before going to bed foot bath, before going to bed hot feet, wins take sleeping pills. Feet with warm water 15-20 minutes before going to bed, so that the foot is the expansion of blood vessels, promote blood circulation, make people easy to sleep. Three. Brush your teeth before going to bed. "Dan book" cloud: where a day eating poison, accumulated in tooth rinse, this is good at keeping their teeth.

Bogey isOne bogey satiety, dinner seven or eight into full. Do not eat before going to bed, so as not to increase the burden on the stomach. Two avoid excessive entertainment. Before going to bed, we should not watch the intense movie and TV dramas and the ball games. Don't talk about nostalgia, sadness or frightening things. Bogey to drink tea and coffee. So as to avoid frequent urination and mental excitement affect sleep. In addition, pay attention to the comfort of the night environment, bedroom clean, air circulation, in order to benefit health.

Read the above article, I believe we can sleep well, there is a certain understanding of it, I hope we can follow the above method to try. Finally, I wish you all good health and a pleasant life! (reference website: National Health Network)