The length of life has nothing to do with your health, but it!

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The length of life has nothing to do with your health, but it!

2017-08-12 16:40:41 111 ℃

As the saying goes, is the three drug. The maintenance of the body, tonic suitable. In the daily diet can focus on health, physical fitness, reduce the probability of occurrence of pain.

We know that the five determines our physical health and aging degree, which determines the quality of your life, the maintenance of the five internal organs, the recipe list will let you enjoy the life.

At the same time enjoy the delicacy also imperceptibly become more healthy, eat fish and bear paw!

The heart is the source of all things. Crucial to the health of the heart, is the power of the circulatory system.

Yangxin food list

1, pig

Pig flat, sweet and salty, nourishing the heart and blood, nerves. Rich in protein and calcium, phosphorus, more vitamins and other ingredients, low fat content, can strengthen myocardial nutrition, enhance myocardial contractility.

2, egg

Egg sweet natured, with nourishing Yin, nourishing qi, relieving convulsion effects such as miscarriage. Not only rich in protein and 8 kinds of essential amino acids and vitamins, and has a very high nutritional value, also contains can enhance memory function and lecithin, modern experimental studies confirmed the scavenging of cholesterol, lower blood lipids, vascular protection.

3, honey

Honey sweet natured, with nourishing Yin, heart lungs. Rich in sugars, organic acids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, protein and other nutrients, strong, nourishing and strong effect, can improve brain power, increase hemoglobin, improve cardiac function. But not much food served for a long time, and avoid other tonic medicine, Chinese medicine, soil was fragrant with clothes.

4, lotus

The lotus of cool, sweet and astringent, Yangxin tonifying spleen and kidney function gushe. In addition to containing protein, carbohydrate, fat, vitamins, but also rich in phosphorus, calcium, iron and other minerals. The isoliensinine has strong heart pressure, calm desire power.

The source of liver detoxification. Is responsible for the liver detoxification function of the liver, in the human internal adjustment.

Nourishing food list

1, litchi

Often eat litchi has very good liver, pancreas function, liver insufficiency for some people in daily life should eat litchi to tonic effect. Therefore, in the daily life of liver impaired patients in peacetime should eat litchi, in order to enhance liver function.

2, lemon

I believe we are very familiar with lemon, it is a kind of natural herbs, the amount of food has good gas detoxification, liver and spleen. And after eating can also play the liver protecting cells from free radical damage effect, but also can promote protein synthesis, thus accelerating the repair and regeneration of hepatic cells.

3, papaya

The expert reminds, liver impaired patients should eat some papaya in daily life, because it has good effect on liver, in addition can also enhance the liver disease effectively. Papaya is beneficial to the liver, because contain a lot of vitamin C in the liver and a variety of amino acids and other ingredients, these nutrients can not only meet the needs, but also can effectively increase the liver cell resistance to stable liver cell membrane.

4, ebony

Sour liver astringing liver function in all sour food in Fructus Mume has the most Yanggan liver tonic effect, traditional Chinese medicine that ebony has good "and the liver, liver blood and other effects.

Spleen, protect the body of soldiers. Splenic blood, is the body's immune organs.

Yangpi food list

1 glutinous rice


Sweet and warm, can Qi tonifying spleen, spleen deficiency to porridge.

2 sweet potato

Spleen and blood

Commonly known as sweet potato, potato. Flat, sweet, invigorating the spleen and replenishing qi blood, laxative effect.

3 rice

Spleen qi

The lung, self-protection ability. All organs, lung protection is the worst, inhalation of harmful substances in the most.

Nourishing food list

1, Tremella

Do the dishes or stew food, such as lily or cherry add rock sugar soup. Lungs and phlegm, nourishing Yin, treat Yin Feizao, throat thirst embolism.

2, radish

Raw food can cure fever, thirst, cough; with sugar cane, pear, lotus root juice drink, better effect. With phlegm, cough fluid, the role of stomach digestion.

3, persimmon

Persimmon fresh raw food can improve the cough and phlegm, hemoptysis Xulao soft red ripe persimmon, can cure fever polydipsia, dry mouth lip rotten, Fanre hearts. Runfei cough, heat fluid, phlegm Ruanjian persimmon has effect, suitable for eating in winter.

4, Lily

Cooked or fried soup, for the treatment of tuberculosis cough, sore throat, cough and other respiratory diseases and various diseases have a certain effect of autumn dryness.

5, water chestnut

With lotus root juice drink. With heat fluid, dampness phlegm, cooling blood detoxification, treatment of febrile, dry mouth and throat, lung heat cough.

Renal excretion. Kidney is the main function of excretion and endocrine.

Nourishing food list

1, black rice:

M - a rarity in the black rice, also known as the "Black Pearl", is rich in trace elements and amino acids of protein, iron, calcium, manganese, zinc and so on, there are appetizers beneficial, slippery astringent to complement the fine, warm liver and spleen, Shujinhuoxue etc.;

2, black beans:

The beans are known as the valley of kidney beans, sweet natured, not only shaped like a kidney, and kidney, promoting blood circulation and diuresis, detoxification, moisturizing effect, especially for kidney patients; Heizao warm taste "nutrition warehouse" said Gan Bu Zhong Yi Qi, tonifying stomach blood function;

3, black sesame:

Black sesame, sweet natured, nourishing liver and kidney, moistening viscera function, has better therapeutic health effects caused by liver and kidney blood deficiency vertigo, white hair, hair loss, Yaoxisuanruan, constipation etc..