Nocturia, cock belly of a particularly effective! The earliest recorded in ancient books

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Nocturia, cock belly of a particularly effective! The earliest recorded in ancient books

2017-08-12 16:41:06 123 ℃

(this article by a number of "sincere medical department" original, through a point of starting the whole network information platform)

The theoretical basis of this article: "food and medicine", "state of mind" Taiping San Hui Fang

On the road and people of Qi Huang, Fu, welcome"Sincere medical department". Dear readers, today for you to say a disease is usually seen.Night urination. At this point, the elderly or the elderly may have deep experience. So without further ado, it put a piece in aGood effectThe little recipe tell you

Take out 6 cock intestines, Chinese medicine sangpiaoxiao 12 grams. The chicken intestines with vinegar to wash, drying, grinding into fine powder forstandby. Take the child 9 grams, can take 2 times every day. How can I take? To take with sangpiaoxiao decoction. Mild symptoms, can be two to three days to see a certain effect.

Dear readers, you and here,May seem strange.. How can this chicken intestines as a drug? In fact, you really don't doubt."Sincere medical department"In every sentence, every one, are valid. thisChicken Intestines(must be the medicine, the intestines) from Cuba"Chicken powder". Chicken son,"Food and medicine" moodLi said:"For urination, deficiency and cold". The effect of chicken powder,"Tai Sheng Hui Fang"Say clearly:Treatment of enuresis". Obviously, the others, not to speak of. According to the"Chinese Materia Medica"This drug records, sweet; flat, into the kidney, in workYishen Gujing; bushenzhiyi.Thus, for kidney deficiency caused by frequent urination at night, there is a certain effect.

So, why is this to use Chicken Intestines sangpiaoxiao Decoction to take? Original,SangpiaoxiaoSweet, salty, flat, into the liver and kidney function inSolid kidney essence, reducing urine turbidity, check."This after every original" well:"Sangpiaoxiao, liver and kidney Mingmen medicine. Work for astringent".Visible, sangpiaoxiao and Chicken Intestines, kidney, kidney can improve control. Match two, natural force doubled.

Here, we should mention,This is the end for what kind of people.Tell me what you remember,As long as the night urine, urine clear long, no urethral tingling phenomenon, such people basically can be considered as deficiency of kidney qi, deficiency of kidney yang deficiency caused by frequent nocturia,It is can be applied to this party. If there isUrination tingling,That was another matter. The modern medical point of view,Bladder muscle ligament relaxation of prostate hyperplasia, the male female,Can be considered for chicken intestines with sangpiaoxiao to recuperate. In the end, from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine,This kind of people belonging to the kidney qi deficiency, cannot make the bladder and folding degree, so it led to frequent micturition. Small the above methods use this kind of friend, can be effective.

Okay。 With the method of. Do not know you tell me how? Please speak freely in the comments area.