22 cases of wonderful doctor should see!

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22 cases of wonderful doctor should see!

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The medical community, Nothing is too strange!

Author Shu Tuo Tuo bear

The source of "medicine" micro signal.

The medical field of strange cases and strange disease is unavoidable, the little into sections of the case discussion model, large and even a "new England journal" or "Lancet" discussion model. A collection of 22 cases of community brother net red flower, we take a look at.

1. rail wear neck pain has not?

Las Vegas 28 year old male Andrew Linn, the accident was 2 inch thick metal fence by mouth through, from the neck out.

Penetrating wound nothing strange, but this guy Jay Coates surgeons described, patients come very calm and do not feel pain. After the pole was successfully removed, and no damaged carotid artery and vein.

2. and the use of penile tattoos?

After a 21 year old Iran man tattoo on the penis, the penis may result in permanent erection.

According to the man said after the tattoo he felt penile pain for 8 days, after the penis has been in a state of semi erection, three months later, he could not help medical treatment.

The doctor tried to use the penis to restore normal blood, but not what egg. Finally, the man refused further treatment, without any improvement in the symptoms of the cases discharged.

This case study published in the 2012 issue of Journal of Sexual Medicine.

3. until my knees a lot of needle......

The X display is a 65 year old South Korean women's knee, highlighting the material is dense for acupuncture needle.

Before the women were diagnosed with osteoarthritis, a senile degenerative joint disease. When the analgesic and anti-inflammatory drugs to patients with acupuncture treatment failure. On the map of the phenomenon is not what the accident, but the acupuncturist purposely left her knee for "sustained stimulation". This "sustained stimulation" led to the woman severe knee pain, eventually had to be hospitalized.

This case study published in the December 2013 issue of the new England journal "on".

4. eye hair? Can see.

The 19 year old male patient with right Iran limbal dermoid cyst.

Patients due to discomfort and blink when intraocular foreign body sensation and treatment. The patient reports white solid neoplasm from birth, and with the growth of growing up. Hair is the closest thing, but also lead to eye discomfort hair he came to visit. Eye level in patients with 20/20, the right eye is 20/60.

The neoplasm by surgical resection, but his right eye vision did not improve.

This case also made twisted, published in the January 2014 issue.

5. do not want to eat and swallow the knife?

Map display is a 30 year old female patient with esophagus and stomach stuck a knife. "For patients with chest discomfort"


The women suffering from eating disorders occurs sword swallowing event is due to she put the knife down his throat to verify whether they lost the gag reflex, at that time the knife slid into the esophagus leads to sudden laughter. Then the doctor with gastrointestinal mirror (EGD) will remove the knife. Patients with good prognosis, normal eating, no complications.

This case was published in the 2012 British twist.

The 6. half of blisters

A 66 year old male torso blisters, blisters, half transparent pus half yellow liquid. The doctor diagnosed subcorneal pustular dermatitis, usually caused by drugs, but the cause of this case is not clear. The rehabilitation of patients with steroid use drugs.

Here were published in the 2012 British twist.

The risk of anal plug 7.

A 35 year old man was admitted to the emergency department with rectal bleeding and abdominal pain.

Check the belly of a foreign body, but no trauma. The rectal foreign body was found but cannot see. Patients with stable vital signs after X ray, as above......

After surgical removal of beer bottles are given antibiotics and analgesic drugs, patients recovered.

From the anus and then remove the foreign body out of many. This case was published in the 2010 British twist.

8. melanoma to the gums!

The patients from Chinese. A 45 year old male, on the gums appear dark color, the final diagnosis of melanoma.

This is called mucosal melanoma melanoma, non mainstream melanoma inside (after all, also called melanoma skin cancer.), accounts for about 1%.

Oral discoloration is not common, generally not malignant. But the patients are unfortunate, doctors at the biopsy after confirmation of the malignant tumor, surgical removal of the last part of the patient's gums and jaw.

This case was published in the October 2014 British twist.

The 9. bullet in the appendix

A 8 year old Australian boy (higher than normal high blood lead exceed the standard 5 times) for two consecutive years, the doctor could not find the reason.

Until the children with abdominal pain, after a X ray examination, doctors discovered there are 57 lead balls in his appendix!

After the children and their siblings told the doctor who has been eating family hunting lead from the goose...... Plainly they eat lead bullets for hunting.

Check with the appendix the doctor said it was his first time to see the doctor for 40 cases, "once in a lifetime".

This case was published in the August 2014 British twist.

Run 10. screws

A 57 year old female with a sinus infection and facial pain on admission.

This woman had dental surgery two years ago, the surgery is mainly to implant a 2 cm long metal screw with a fixed denture palate.

This is her CT results, the implant into her sinus cavity near the left eye. The doctor took a surgical implant after removal of the symptoms.

11. teeth in the brain

The United States a 4 month old children because of a rare brain tumor and brain teeth.

Surgery found that children with brain tumors has grown the number of stars is well-developed teeth. Biopsy confirms the diagnosis of craniopharyngioma surgery, one of about the size of a golf ball but not easy to spread of tumor.

While there have been similar experts speculate that this tumor cell and develop into dental cells, but in this case the case report and not before this tumor really generate teeth.

That is to say this is the first in the world.

This case was published in the 2014 British twist.

12. drink excessive sauce will be dead

Drink drink a lot of trouble, drink drink soy sauce is a rare accident. The United States a 19 year old man was drinking 1 quarts of soy sauce (0.95L) into a coma.

The man was first initiated after epilepsy, muscle twitching, and then at the hospital in a coma for 3 days. Was diagnosed with hypernatremia.

1 quarts of soy sauce contains about 150 grams of sodium. Short time such a high amount of sodium intake, produce hypernatremia, can lead to tissue osmotic imbalance, brain water replacement, brain shrinkage and bleeding.

The doctor spent 5 hours to rescue and infusion of 5.7 liters of water, the electrolyte levels back to normal state regulation.

The boy is good luck, after no long-term neurological damage.

This case study published in the June 2015 issue of Journal of Emergency Medicine.

13. specialized in eating as the demon of esophagus

A 87 year old Swiss women feel pain treatment for each swallowing.

X Ray found her esophagus will turn into a spiral when she was eating every time. This leads to her symptoms within a few months of weight loss of 5 kg.

This disease is very rare but can not explain the Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago. Doctors believe that this is due to muscle spasm caused by. Eating normally, on the way of muscle contraction and relaxation of the law will be, but the woman of the esophagus will shrink when receiving stimulation.

At present there is no solution for this.

This case was published in the May 2014 British twist.

14. star cataract eyes, really little stars?

A man Austria cataract after being hit in the eye and the shape of boxing, like a star. After 9 months of symptoms due to unbearable, the man to go to a doctor.

Eye gethit is one of the causes of cataract, the general strike from boxing or sports exercise, but the airbag pops, including automotive airbag may cause eye injury and the incidence of cataract.

In general, cataract is the irregular shape of the clouds may be white or yellow.

In this case, because of special shape, on April 2013 the "new England" magazine.

15. Cola diehard is terrible

A 31 year old woman fainted because of admission, admission examination showed hypokalemia and arrhythmia.

The patients with normal hormone levels, no family history of heart disease history. However, she told every day only drink coke and drink other liquid from the age of 15.

The doctor thinks coke can cause diarrhea resulting in the loss of potassium ions. At the same time, coke caffeine can cause potassium reabsorption blocked.

The patient recovered in a week to stop drinking cola after blood potassium, restore normal rhythm.

16. what went to the liver on the toothpick

A 45 year old woman with vomiting, hypotension in hospital, she gradually weakened in a few months before admission.

The doctor thought the infection induced vomiting and hypotension, then found a 2.5cm full of goo cavity in patients with liver. The surgeon then took a toothpick, a toothpick swallowed by patients from the digestive tract after moving to liver and settled in the liver".

This case was published in BMJ in 2012. So far the medical journal has published at least 17 cases of metastatic to the liver toothpick case.

The 17. is not necessarily related to hallucinations and neuropsychiatric

Medically speaking hallucinations are generally brain problems, but really have only eye problems cause hallucinations.

A 67 year old woman in Kentucky because of seeing with huge teeth, eyes and ears of the face around and around her admission.

The patients did not take any drugs or chemicals, no mental problems. And she knows what she sees is not true, those who did not speak to her.

This phenomenon is called Bonner syndrome, is usually due to old age, visual impairment or nerve injury caused by eye injury.

In principle, is because the brain sensed input but did not receive the input information, and made some spontaneous information. In general, the brain is accustomed to the feel of input but no input information, the fantasy will fade.

This case study published in the February 2014 issue of Age and Aging.

18. not necessarily from bovine vaccinia

The necrotic ulcer generated by a woman to save the wrist after a stray cat.

The 17 year old girl in the Netherlands to save a sick cat and the cat died in the day after her rescue. A few days after her wrist began to fester, generating a necrotic ulcer, arm grow erythema, long to armpit.

Antibiotics have no effect, 13 days after treatment, a pediatric infectious disease experts consider this is vaccinia virus infection.

A week later the girl began to spontaneously improve wound healing after two months, leaving a scar.

Vaccination is a self limiting disease, as long as the normal immune system can heal.

This case study published in the September 2014 issue of BMJ.

19. of their own money is sick easily recklessly generous?

Brazil, a 49 year old man after a stroke had a big change, caused by the diagnosis of stroke he suffered from pathological generous".

The main symptom is his complete disregard of economic conditions, and the money to the street children made of sugar and so on.

The doctor think that men have no mental illness or symptoms of dementia, his extraordinary and enduring generosity should be from the sequelae of stroke.

CT shows several areas of his brain appear low blood flow status, including the prefrontal cortex. These regions may not be directly stroke injury, but injury and stroke in the region has been associated with neural pathways. Because of these changes may lead to the change of his character.

For this symptom there is no good treatment.

This case was published in Neurocase in August 2014.

Super 20. like hypersensitivity like sympathy ""

Just a sick and generous, a super sympathy. All the brain and.

A woman was removed because of the amygdala epilepsy. The functions of the amygdala itself is to help identify emotions, in theory, removal of the amygdala should be more difficult to have compassion, resonate with other people.

But this woman has said feedback has produced a new strong emotional resonance, when she has sympathy mood, even physical discomfort.

After the doctor made a psychology test for her, she is in sympathy with the ability to meet the standard completely.

The doctor thinks there might be in the amygdala were removed, and the amygdala associated brain regions originally had a compensatory, made more intense reaction, therefore also outdid her sympathy.

This case was published in Neurocase in August 2014.

21. he will be infected with armpit hair?

Have a strong taste of suppressed people may be due to his or her hair had bacterial infection.

A 40 year old man was 4 years and the approval of the dirty looking armpit hair treatment. A yellow creamy material on the armpit hair.

The doctor diagnosed it as a yellow fimbriae disease, caused by tiny Corynebacterium infection disease.

After the men shave armpits, and the use of AlCl3 and erythromycin, disappeared after a few weeks of osmidrosis.

This case was published in the October 30, 2014 British twist.

22. head is also president of stone?

Brazil, a young man because of headache and visual problems for 10 years was admitted to the hospital.

After admission examination showed calcium deposits in his brain like a long stone. This is presumably due to his suffering from he himself did not know the gastrointestinal diseases - celiac disease. Although the doctor does not fully explain why the celiac disease can cause brain stones, but speculation may be celiac iron ion absorption function decline impact.

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