The barrier, the old haunt! A simple method to teach you to get through the

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The barrier, the old haunt! A simple method to teach you to get through the

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The triple energizer, is dirty like a specific name in the theory. The MampA upper middle and lower coke, as one of the six Fu organs, Fu largest organs, also called external organs, solitary dirty. The main lifting gas and liquid water in the passage, five line of fire, the attributes of yin and Yang yang.

Anatomy of Sanjiao

The Sanjiao anatomy knowledge, "famous invisible" and "famous tangible" in the history of the struggle. Even the physical theory, the essence of Sanjiao debate, there is no unified view. But the understanding of the physiological function, is basically the same.

The triple energizer, as one of the six Fu organs, which is generally considered a large bowel distributed in the thoracic cavity, but the largest, and no match, so it is "solitary house".

As Zhang Jingyue said: "the triple energizer, there is a fire, within the body organs, including the cover, dirty, a large bowel cavity."

Triple Energizer

On the form, as an academic problem, which can be further discussed, however, the problem of Zang Xiang theory itself is not the main.

Because of the different organs and viscera concept concept anatomy, traditional Chinese medicine will be listed as a separate Sanjiao Fu, not only according to the anatomy, more important is a function of the system according to the physiological and pathological phenomena of the connection.

The general concept of the triple energizer, above the diaphragm for coke, including heart and lung; diaphragm to umbilical for coke, including the spleen and stomach; below the umbilicus to two Yin Jiao, including liver and kidney, intestines, bladder and uterus.

The liver, according to the site, should be included in the middle energizer, but because of its close relationship with the kidney, the liver and kidney together under the lower jiao. The function is actually the overall function of all the viscera.

The physiological function of Sanjiao

The 1. passage of vitality:Qi (also known as gas) is the most fundamental human spirit, rooted in the kidney, which is from the innate essence and acquired essence to raise Lai, the body organs of the Yin and Yang of the original power of life activity.

The distribution and strength through to the viscera, abundant in the body, to stimulate and promote the function of various organs of the.

So, the strength is the running channel. Transformation is the basic feature of life. The access to vitality and vigour for gasification activities of the power organs.

Therefore, the strength of the traffic function, related to the gasification effect of whole body. Gu Yue: "the triple energizer, also three yuan,...... All the viscera Ying Wei meridians, around the gas inside and outside it.

Three coke, is on the inside and outside are also. The filling body inside the body, and the inside and outside the camp, left Yangyou, guide ", this is also" ("Tripitaka").

2, dredge waterways:"The triple energizer, the organ in charge of water circulation, water out of Yan" ("Q. Ling LAN secret code").

The "regulation of the waterways" ("Three Character Classic" medicine), the whole body regulation of water metabolism, which plays an important role in the process of water metabolism.

Participate in the metabolism of the body fluid is composed of multiple organs, a complicated physiological process completed. Among them, the lung is above the water source, by dispersing the descending and regulating the water passage;

In the stomach, transport and distribution of body fluid in the lung; under the coke in the kidney and urinary bladder, transpiration gasification, liquid water on to the spleen and lung, and participated in the metabolism, the formation of urine.

The generation of compress, liquid descending path. The gas is treated, while the channel profit mailuotong. Balance of water metabolism in the role in the process, called "the sanjiao".

The passage of water, is actually in the lung, spleen, kidney and other organs involved in the function of water metabolism.

3. running water valley:"The triple energizer, Water Valley Road" ("difficult" to thirty-one.). The running water valley, assist Qi subtle, excretion function.

Among them, "the development of Xuan grain flavor, smoked skin, skin, hair Ze" ("Lingshu." never, with subtle gas) distribution;

In "urinary dregs, steam fluid, its essence, on the note in the pulmonary vein" ("Lingshu.", a health camp) digestion and absorption and transfer of coke "into the dross; and all who follow under the coke into the large intestine, bladder" ("Lingshu." health camp) excretion of feces and urine, the role of.

The transport of water valley to assist digestion and absorption function of the spleen and stomach, liver and kidney, heart and lung, intestines and other organs to complete digestion and absorption and excretion of water and grain function summary.

The role of

The physiological characteristics of the

1. the fog:The upper energizer refers to the main such as fog dispersing Wei gas, compress subtle effect. The acceptance from the spleen and stomach of cereal essence, the heart and the lung and the compress, spread to the whole body, play the role of nourishing, if the fog of irrigation.

It is called "the fog". Because of the acceptance of the delicate and spread out, so it is also called "the Lord".

In 2. as:In such retting refers to spleen and stomach water valley, metaplasia of Qi and blood. The stomach receiving digesting food, by the transport of the spleen and the formation of cereal essence, in order of Qi and blood, and the spleen Shengqing transfer function, the subtle lost to heart and lung to moisten the whole body.

Because the spleen has physiological function of digesting food, transport and subtle, so called "coke as retting". Because coke shipped Mizutani subtle, it is referred to as the "master of middle jiao".

3. coke such as du:Under the coke as Du refers to the kidney, bladder, intestines and other organs are the main role of voicing, waste. Coke will transfer the dross residue diet into the large intestine, into feces excreted from the anus, and the water body remaining, through the gasification of the kidney and bladder into the urine excreted from the urethra.

This physiological process has clear downward, toextracellular potential, such as so called "Jiao du". Because Coke dredge two, waste, so it is also called "under the main coke".

In summary, the relationship to the diet water valley of reception, digestion and absorption and excretion of Qi all gasification process, so the traffic is the strength, running water valley channel, is a comprehensive human physiological function, as the general secretary "and" the viscera.

The old haunt.

Three physical body coke gas, is the leader of the viscera of human body, and the human endocrine system and microcirculational network are closely linked. The barrier is the root cause of chronic source.

The main reason of the elderly have a variety of diseases is the pathogenesis and mutual, motley, multi organ involvement ", the reason is" the barrier ", the barrier in the elderly is the source of common diseases and chronic disease Jiuzhibuyu, stubborn disease.

Focus unreasonable:It will cause the clogging, blood stagnation, hypertension, high blood lipids, rheumatism, cervical spondylosis.

Coke barrier:It will cause lumbar muscle strain, lumbar pain, disc herniation, postpartum wind, cold and old old waist stomach, constipation and other symptoms.

Under the coke barrier:Liver and kidney function is blocked, it will cause the male kidney, prostate disease, women's menopause syndrome and Qi and blood deficiency caused by gynecological inflammation.

The triple energizer is a complex system, only with single or few collocation drugs, don't use this diversity system. For the treatment of elderly people suffering from serious illness, sick, stubborn disease, the number of Party A is a party to be incorporated into a composite method.

Only choose a scientific and effective therapy and treatment of various diseases, endocrine conditioning, balance of yin and Yang, vitality, so as to gradually recover.

A simple way to get through the

Through the meridian of the easiest way is to take. Every night before going to sleep standing or sitting can. With the left hand from the right shoulder, arm along the outside of the meridian routes, down beat. The speed of the action, has been tapping to the wrist. Can be a little hard to dredge meridians effect.

At least eight minutes to get up, after finishing with forefinger rubbing. Yang Chi point massage for three minutes. The king left shoulder with his right hand, the same way. We must adhere to the above three months to fully open.

The method can also be used for scraping or also can choose to open meridian moxibustion. Usually drink Chrysanthemum Tea, eat more green vegetables.

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