Nine early signs of heart disease

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Nine early signs of heart disease

2016-07-21 02:14:14 307 ℃

Heart disease in addition to the common symptoms of heart palpitations, heart pain and other symptoms, often there are some signs of the body surface. Attention to the symptoms of these signs can be found early, early treatment.

These surface symptoms include:


Do some minor activities, or in a quiet state, shortness of breath, but not with cough and expectoration. The situation is likely to be a manifestation of left ventricular dysfunction.


If you look pale and purple, indifferent expression, which is critically ill with advanced heart disease face. If the face is dark red, this is the characteristic of rheumatic heart disease, mitral stenosis. If it is pale, then there may be a sign of mitral insufficiency.


If the nose hard, this shows that the heart has too much fat. If the tip of the nose swollen, that fat may also enlarged heart or heart disease is expanding. In addition, red nose also often indicates that the heart is sick.


Patients with heart failure, advanced pulmonary heart disease in the skin can be dark brown or dark purple. The skin mucous membrane and acral cyanosed, suggesting that cardiac hypoxia.


Heart patients in the early have varying degrees of tinnitus, if there is a coherent fold your earlobe, may be due to coronary artery disease.


If the supraclavicular extends to the earlobe direction raised a finger table tendons as thick, is likely to be right heart insufficiency.


Obviously the weather is very good, the left shoulder, the inside of the left arm but there are bursts of pain, which is likely to be coronary heart disease.

Hands and feet

Fingertip or toe end of coarse and a convex surface such as drumstick, common in patients with chronic pulmonary heart disease or congenital cyanotic type heart disease.

The legs

Lower extremity edema in the elderly, is often a result of cardiac insufficiency of venous blood reflux blocked performance. If often palpitations, shortness of breath, only squatting to ease, this is the special appearance of cyanotic heart disease.