It is the doctor's ` hate 'fruit! Eat two every day, 50 years old, like 20 years old, every family has

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It is the doctor's ` hate 'fruit! Eat two every day, 50 years old, like 20 years old, every family has

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The phrase "eating an apple at bedtime and doctors losing their jobs" appeared in the February 1866 issue of "memos and queries", an exaggerated saying that has been cited for nearly 150 years.

Although the expression of some absolute, but apple is indeed a "full range of health fruit", "fruit industry general practitioner" said, "it's the effect of the doctor looked very surprised.".

Why is the doctor "hate" apple?

Because the effect of apple is too much, if everyone has an apple a day habit, then where the hospital still business? Although a bit exaggerated, but Apple's effect is absolutely can not be ignored.


Apple's prescription: eat 2 per day

Stay away from heart attack and stroke risk

An article published in the British Medical Journal published the latest study by researchers at the University of Oxford: an apple a day can prevent heart attacks, which is equivalent to taking statins.

When you eat an apple a day, you get an additional 12% protection if you eat second more apples. In other words, the more fruits and vegetables consumed, the lower the risk of dying from heart disease.

The researchers say an apple prescription for people over the age of 50 can prevent or delay about 8500 Britons a heart attack or stroke every year.

Suggest 50 years of age or olderEating an apple a day can protect the heart and clear the blood vessels. Eating apples at the same time, but also more lipid-lowering, and help reduce blood viscosity! (blood sugar stable control of friends, can consult the doctor according to the situation, edible part)


An apple: 3 star ingredients

Let the doctor greatly!

Pectin:This soluble fiber can help to lower blood pressure and blood sugar. It can also help reduce the levels of bad cholesterol in the body and, like other cellulose, help the digestive system maintain a healthy state.

B:This apple is rich in nutrients, can be bone and brain.

Oak (sound: Hu) flavin:Apple contains flavonoids that reduce the risk of many cancers, including lung and breast cancer, as well as reduce free radical damage to the body and slow down aging.


The apple is sweet

But diabetics can eat it too!

Barbara Cami, an organic food specialist with the USDA, said: "the source of" sour "and sweet sources in apples is very beneficial to us.

Especially for hypertensive friends!

Apples high in potassium and low in sodium can partially neutralize modern high salt diets (i.e., high sodium diets) and eating more apples can help stabilize blood pressure. Ripe apples contain 80% of water and zero fat, very suitable for dieters.

In addition, Apple also act as a toothbrush, chew it can help cleaning and killing bacteria in the mouth!


Helps dissolve clots

Reduce the incidence of MI by 40%

Eat apples can help to "dissolve" vascular heart disease "culprit" thrombosis.

Eating two apples or half a cup of pure apple juice per day can reduce the levels of bad cholesterol in the blood and prevent arterial embolism, a University of California at Davis study has shown. A European study also showed that people who ate apples were 40% less likely to suffer from myocardial infarction than those who didn't eat them.

3 colors of apple health effect is not the same

In fact, Apple's color can indicate its health benefits, such as red apples, green apples and yellow apples, their efficacy is very different.

Red apple

The red apple has a very nice face, a thick skin and a strong flavor. Eating red apples often helps protect your heart, improves your memory and keeps your urinary system healthy.

green apple

Green apple more brittle, can strengthen the human immune system, liver detoxification, and depression, and therefore more suitable for young people to eat. Green apple can also promote the growth of teeth and bones, prevent bleeding gums.

Golden Delicious

Yellow apples are more sweet and have a good effect on protecting their eyesight. People who use computers regularly can eat properly. It also helps strengthen the body's immune system and is good for preventing certain cancers.

Eat an apple and don't bite an apple

Apple contains a small amount of harmful substances -- hydrocyanic acid. A lot of hydrocyanic acid deposition in the body, can cause dizziness, headache, respiratory rate and other symptoms, may appear serious coma.

Solve some big questions before eating apples

Problem one:Do you want to peel the apple?

The nutritional composition of apple skin is very rich, but people worry about pesticide residues, and did not dare to eat the skin. In fact, the regular cultivation of apples, basically meet the pollution-free standards, and in the apple "childhood" has been "bagging", and basic exposure to pesticides, so you can wash with water, eat directly.

Professor Jiang Weibo, School of food science and technology, China Agricultural UniversityRemind: buy cheap apple in the mobile vendors, or landing fruit inclusion defective Apple products, pesticide contaminated risk, peeled before eating more security.

Question two:Which color of apple is the most nutritious?

From red Fuji, Huang Yuanshuai to Australia green apple, although the appearance of these apples vary greatly, but only sugar, organic acids and other content is different, almost the same nutrition.

But from the taste and taste, the golden delicious soft, hard Fuji, green, acid and sweet, we can choose according to their preferences.

Question three:How many apples do you eat every day?

Fu Jinru, director of the Tianjin nutrition society, said: "dietary guidelines for Chinese residents suggest eating 200 - 400 grams of fruit a day, basically a large Fuji apple.". However, there is no need to adhere to the "one apple per day" guidelines, 3~4 per week can be interspersed with other seasonal fruits can be interspersed, nutritional supplements in all aspects.

In addition, because the apple hard texture, the best time to eat slowly, avoid the wolf, so as not to damage the stomach, eat the apple is the best between two meals.

Question four:Can fruit jam be used instead of apples?

In the processing of Apple products, the nutritional loss of fruit juice is the least. The jam may lose some water soluble vitamins because it needs to be heated. At the same time, more sugar will be added during the processing. Therefore, it is not recommended to use jam instead of real fruit.

However, other products include apple cider, the degree is not high but taste mellow, people can drink a little; Apple Cider Vinegar has a slimming effect, but try not to drink on an empty stomach.

Question five:How about eating an apple on an empty stomach?

Morning fasting to eat apples, can treat chronic diarrhea and dry stool, because Apple in tannic acid, organic acids and other substances with the convergence effect, and pectin, cellulose has absorbed the role of bacterial toxins, so can antidiarrheal toxin. Eating an apple on an empty stomach or a glass of apple juice every morning can prevent gallstones.

But people with bad stomachs feel uncomfortable eating apples because they contain lots of malic acid, vitamin C and citric acid. If you eat too much on the stomach, these acids can react with stomach acid to form blocks that do not melt easily and cause stomach irritation.

Question six:What's the difference between a raw and a ripe apple?

Apples, pears, peaches, bananas, pineapples and other common fruit, because it contains less water-soluble vitamins, so cooked eating may have unexpected nutritional gains.

Ripe apples with heat heat effect, especially for human mouth sores and inflammation of the gums and tongue and other symptoms; the cooked Apple antidiarrheal effect is more prominent, its natural pectin and a lot of dietary fiber, after heating more easily absorbed by the body, in addition to a variety of bacteria in the gut to digest, alleviate the effect it is good for people's diarrhea.

Ripe apples contain 8 times as much iodine as bananas, and 13 times as much as oranges. Therefore, ripe apples are one of the best fruits for preventing and curing big neck diseases.

A healthy diet of ripe apples

Stewed pork with apple

Apple cut into several pieces, 1 pieces of pork with skin, some peanuts and longan meat

In addition to pork, the rest of the materials put together, and if the physique is afraid of cold, you can put a piece of dried tangerine peel, until the water after the release of pork, boil for about an hour.

It has the effect of clearing the heart, moistening the lung and warming the stomach. It can be used in the dry weather and has the effect of moistening.

Apple haw jujube congee

1 apple (about 300 to 400 grams), hawthorn (dried) 15 grams, jujube 10, 150 grams of rice

Wash the apples, peeled nuclear chopped, together with washing clean hawthorn, jujube, rice, boiled into porridge.

It has the effect of invigorating spleen and removing silt. The diet prescription can be used not only for indigestion, but also for hypertension patients.