Walking can cure three highs? How can I get there? How much is it? Look at this one. That's enough

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Walking can cure three highs? How can I get there? How much is it? Look at this one. That's enough

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Nowadays people are more and more concerned with sports. A lot of people say walking is a good exercise. It can prevent and relieve pain without using an apparatus. That's true, but it takes method science to achieve the effect of walking and keeping fit!

Want to be in good health,The key is to go scientifically, not blindly,Before you walk, do a simple test yourself to see if your body is fit for you

Walk, help you stay away from the disease"

According to the Prevention magazine, walking 30 minutes a day and maintaining a moderate to rapid rate can protect heart health, reduce pain and improve mood......

A number of international studies have also made clear,Walking in the fight against disease, cancer, longevity and prominent effectThe key is how to go, for example:

IfWalking for 7 hours a week(on a daily basis) yes:

  • Reduce the incidence of coronary heart disease and heart disease

  • Reduce the risk of pancreatic cancer

  • It has a better preventive effect on type 2 diabetes mellitus (US health care study)

  • Reducing the risk of breast cancer can be applied to women of any age group

For older people:

  • Elderly people over the age of 3, 60 days a week, every 45 minutes or more walking movement, help to maintain better cognitive function

  • Walking tens of minutes a day helps keep away from premature death from heart disease and stroke.

Walking, magical doors to health

1 is the gate of heart health

For most people, walking is the easiest and most convenient way to prevent heart disease.

2,It's the door to brain health

One way to prevent brain atrophy and Alzheimer's is to walk up to a certain value every week. Walking can not only increase brain energy, but also reduce the risk of memory problems.


5,It's the door to weight loss

Of course, weight loss depends on long-term, regular exercise, and the effect of an occasional strenuous exercise lasts only 48 hours. Moreover, excessive exercise can sometimes cause sudden death and is dangerous.

6,The door to longevity

Research shows that walking more than 30 minutes a day, long several times more likely than others.

Walk with "one step" to clear up the pain

1, low back pain [falling]

The backward exercise can exercise the waist and back muscles which are seldom used at ordinary times. If you are a sedentary office worker and an old TV player, then the best way to do that is to walk backwards.

Method:It can go down and take the combination, half an hour a day. Be careful not to fall behind the back.

2, constipation - [walk a word step]

Go one step will lead to hip twist, helps to increase the power of the waist, stimulate the gastrointestinal peristalsis, can effectively prevent constipation.

Method:Walk along a straight line (the model step) and twist your hips to the left and right. The amount of exercise should not be too large. 500 meters will be enough. When you take a single step, pay attention to the range of motion, not too much, so as not to sprain your ankle. You can also work with rubbing your abdomen.

3, breathe smoothly - [while clapping and walking]

Insist on beating the body while walking, exercise can enhance the lung function, help to breathe unobstructed.

Method:As the left foot moves forward, both hands open to both sides of the body, while the left foot hits the ground, while the right hand gently hits the left chest, while the left hand slaps the right side of the lower back. Then change direction, while moving forward, while shooting.

Walking posture is right, the effect is doubled

1, head

Keep your head straight and don't stare at your feet. Keep your eyes in front of 3~6 meters. Imagine yourself as a doll with a rope attached to your hair and pulling you up.

2, chest

Be sure not to breast, but chest up, while tightening the lower abdomen and buttocks, so that you can make the whole body line tightening.

3, arm

The arms are slightly bent and rhythmic as the pace swings.

4, shoulder

Let your shoulders relax, neither lift forward nor collapse back. If you want to test the effect, you can have a friend look sideways, your ears, shoulders, hips, knees should be in a straight line.

5, breathe

When you walk, you can deliberately adjust your breathing. You should take three steps, inhale once, then take three steps and exhale once.

6, stride

Each step is 10 centimeters ahead of the usual walk. Meanwhile, with adequate movements of the upper limbs, swing arms both front and back.

7, frequency

Keep at least 80 steps per minute, so that you can really get the whole body involved.

Have you learned?

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Editor: Wu Linshan

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