28 health formulas, let you away from sub-health!

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28 health formulas, let you away from sub-health!

2017-09-12 21:55:07 86 ℃

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A person's health is closely related to living habits. Having a good attitude and the right way to keep fit is a necessary process to keep the body and mind healthy.

Following these health formulas, worth learning.

Cold wash, beauty care.

The sweat falls, the cold water is not poured.

Warm water brushing, anti sensitive teeth.


Eat rice bran, vegetables with help.

The male from the female leek, lotus roots.

Green carrot, raw grams cooked tonic.

He who has not eaten is full.


Health in motion, heart in the static.

Mind is not clean, thinking is absurd.

Peace of mind, illness from He Sheng.

Eyes closed, meditation puzzle.


Don't forget to fill the heart medicine food.

Money for grass, was a treasure.

Smoky, better not to eat.

Fried to eat better.


Rotten fish, killing the enemy.

Food service at normal temperature, one spring.

Cold Wubing teeth, do not burn hot lips.

Food begins with cooking, but water begins with boiling.


Eat more fruits and vegetables, less meat.

A diet is a feast; a life is sometimes.

The head should be cold, and the feet should be hot.

Contentment, not for Chang An.


Health in the ground, the heart in the static.


In old age, one must exercise,

Walking jogging, boxing, fencing;

Fear the cold and sweep the garden,

Painting is interesting and broad minded.


The chickens, the bed can not be greedy,

Flowers aviculture, study the book on paper,

Don't read private matters, but don't take advantage of them.


Active body, in your regular,

A happy heart and a healthy life;

Do not anger, Raub too biased,

Don't drink too much tea, don't read.


Eat not hard, eat less supper,

Eat without words, and never smoke;

Low salt, low sugar, do not eat too salty,

Eat less fat than eat too much.


Eat three meals a day,

Vegetables, fruits, eat more without protection;

Fall asleep on time and get up at regular intervals,

Get up slow, don't worry, don't panic.


Drink not, fame and gain do not drill,

Do not care about students, mind wide.


Heart without disease, as early as possible,

In good health and good health;

The balance of the heart should be known,

Emotional stability, less disease.


Practice body, movement and quiet,

An elastic life is a good mind;

To keep, eight full,

The viscera are easy to dredge.


A man is angry and easily senile,

Give vent to laughter;

Painting and calligraphy, stream fishing,

Choose your hobbies freely.


Use your head, not tired,

Thinking sleep, heart less lively;

Regular, good exercise,

Normal life should be coordinated.


Often rub hands, brain,

Prevent frostbite and colds.


Summer does not sleep stone, autumn does not sleep board.

Spring is not the navel, winter not covered.

Restless during the day and few at night.


Washing feet before going to bed is better than eating tonics.

Open the window at night, sleep all fragrant.

Tanliang lost cover, not just strange disease.


Zaoshuizaoqi, refreshing cool air.

The real greedy snooze, Tim disease by age.

The night goes crawling molars.


Eat a pig a day,

It's better to snore on the bed.


Three days to eat a sheep,

Better wash your feet and go to bed.


Don't choose the right pillow,

The more you sleep, the more tired you are.

Sleep first, sleep afterwards,

Sleep and sleep great beauty.


The head of the warm wind;

The foot of the wind, please doctor.


Sleep lane,

The most poisonous gas.


Sleep without light,

Get up early, not dizzy.


To sleep is easy,

Don't feet west east first.