Often constipation friends see, easy to get rid of all sorts of constipation ~!

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Often constipation friends see, easy to get rid of all sorts of constipation ~!

2017-09-12 21:57:27 135 ℃

Medical guidance: Guangdong Province Traditional Chinese Medical HospitalPhysical fitness centerLi Xiaoyan, deputy chief physician

From: Guangdong Province Traditional Chinese Medical Hospital (IDGDHTCM)

For constipation, I believe we are not unfamiliar, constipation refers to the stool in the intestine stay too long, constipation is illogical, defecation cycle extended, or cycle is not long, but the fecal dry, difficult discharge, or fecal matter is not hard, although it is intended, but will not smooth the disease. Summer is coming, Chinese medicine, summer sweating, injury - gas consumption, gas Tianjin two injured, constipation also follow, if that is usually constipation, constipation at the season tend to become more and more serious.

Constipation can cause disease acne, pigmentation, hemorrhoids, anal fissure, and predisposing factors of myocardial infarction and stroke, chronic constipation may even cause irritability, insomnia, depression, anxiety and other mental disorders that affect people's quality of life greatly, so the importance of constipation, positive control, to maintain physical and mental health. Since ancient times, Chinese medicine stresses "simple, easy, inexpensive, and tested". The following ways can help you ease constipation easily.

Herbal tea

1, angelica walnut porridge

Material: Angelica 20 grams, 15 grams of walnuts, 200 grams of rice, sugar amount.

Method: Angelica, peach wash, gently boiling for half an hour, to the residue, leaving spare juice. Panning clean, adequate water, and medicine juice with wok, boil into a thick porridge, add crystal sugar, crystal sugar dissolves can take to.

Usage: taboo morning meal served or sooner or later the service, the menstrual period can not take.

Applicable to the crowd: blood deficiency, blood stasis constipation (in dry stool, lusterless complexion, dark purple or dark spots, mouth pale lip)

Efficacy analysis: Angelica with blood and blood, regulating menstruation, dryness slippery bowel function; semen stasis, laxative; rice: sweet light, gentle and nourishing spleen and stomach, raising the five, strong strength.

2., walnut porridge

Material: Walnut 30g, Cistanche 20g, 150 grams of rice, honey.

Method: walnut powder to wash rice, and Cistanche porridge with rice cooked after boiled walnut powder added to walnut oil and gas, and can be eaten after.

Usage: taboo morning thermal clothing, the warm porridge, usually Yang constitution with caution.

Suitable crowd: Yang deficiency constipation (in dry stool, backache, limb cold, night urination).

3. mulberry honey drink cassia

Material: 10g, mulberry 20g, honey 20ml.

Practice: cassia seed sown with mulberry, boiling in the right amount of water in 10 minutes after drinking can mix with honey and stir well.

Usage and taboo: 1 daily, morning and evening clothes. Loose stool, easy to diarrhea should not take.

Suitable crowd: constipation patients (see: in dry stool, dry as sheep dung, mouth parched and tongue scorched).

Efficacy analysis: Cassia Mingmu Runchang laxative, lipid-lowering, for the treatment of constipation; mulberry Bugan kidney, Sheng Jin Runzao, UFA eyesight; honey Runchang, spleen, kidney and lungs, conducive to defecation.

4. pan Senna Eggdrop Soup

Ingredients: Senna 10 grams, egg 2, spinach spinach or a little.

Approach: the egg into the bowl, stir scattered spare, boiled to senna, residue juice, into the egg, add spinach or spinach, salt, MSG seasoning, boiled into.

Usage and taboo: soup, 1 times a day, are not physical deficiency.

Applicable to the crowd: heat constipation (symptoms: dry stool, abdominal distension, pain, dry mouth and bad breath, irritability)

Efficacy analysis: Senna: by purgation; spinach sweet, cool, nourishing, bleeding, Runzao through intestinal has therapeutic effect on the disease, hemorrhoids, constipation, anal fissure; spinach sweet, cold, detoxification, bowel cancer.

Sports massage

1. hips movement

Operation method: patient supine, feet bed, knees bent, hands on the mattress, lift hips up slowly (up to the hip each maintained at more than 2cm, to more than 6 seconds), and then slow down the hips, at the beginning of every day to do 50 times, to gradually increase the amount of exercise, to can not feel fatigue or tolerance.

2. levator ani movement

How to do it: when you inhale, contract the muscles around your anus, lift it up like a bowel movement, then relax your muscles, so repeatedly. You can start at about 15 times each time, then gradually increase the amount of exercise.

3. sit ups

Operation method: supine, legs close together, hands up, using abdominal contraction, arms swinging forward, quickly into a sitting position, keep upper body flexion, hands touch the foot, bow, and then restore the posture, so repeatedly; start to do 5 times, then gradually increased, to tolerate.

4. press the soft abdomen clockwise

Operation method: standing or supine position, the palms overlap, placed in the umbilicus, clockwise Anrou abdominal, pay attention to the intensity of uniform penetration into the abdominal cavity, feel the intestinal movement in the abdominal cavity with the palm of the hand, each about 2cm requirements of abdominal sagging, every 15-20 minutes, 2 times a day. Note: massage the abdomen clockwise, if the operation is reversed, it may backfire.


A lot of methods to improve constipation, above is the commonly used method of tips good results, such as intractable chronic constipation is very serious, the proposal was to go to the hospital to see a doctor Oh, but also to improve the colonoscopy when necessary!

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