Always upset stomach, you might want to do this check!

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Always upset stomach, you might want to do this check!

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The stomach uncomfortable must first go to see a doctor, the doctor will ask you how long have stomach discomfort, stomach discomfort and so on the nature of history, do some simple physical examination, the comprehensive judgment out of the most suitable for you to check, do not just do check.

Common inspection methods

1 、 C14 / C13 breath test to detect Helicobacter pylori

Helicobacter pylori is one of the causes of stomach trouble, such as redness, erosion, and even ulcers on the surface of the stomach. It is basically caused by the bacteria.

Therefore, if the infection of Helicobacter pylori is detected, the cause of the disease can be diagnosed and the corresponding treatment should be made.

Merits and demerits:No pain, but only stomach disease caused by Helicobacter pylori, and can do nothing for other types of stomach trouble.

If it is a follow-up visit or only check the Helicobacter pylori, it is recommended to do breath test, if it is the first visit for the elderly, it is recommended to do gastroscopy, so as to have a comprehensive understanding of the stomach.

2 、 gastroscopy

The probe can directly photograph the surface of the stomach by means of a fibrous tube extending directly through the mouth into the stomach, and can be used to understand whether congestion, edema, erosion, ulceration, etc. are present.

Merits and demerits:In the most minute changes of gastric mucosa can reflect directly, can check whether open gastric mucosal lesions, such as erosion, ulcer, stricture, unobstructed. Its diagnostic ability is CT, color Doppler ultrasound can not be compared. Of course, the examination was painful.

3. Barium meal examination

The patient took the contrast medium, and after a period of time, the contrast agent filled the whole digestive tract through peristalsis of the digestive tract. X-ray examination was used to understand the morphological characteristics of various organs in the digestive tract.

Merits and demerits:A little uncomfortable, but can understand the signs of the organs in the digestive tract.

Different situations are used in different ways, of which methods 1 and method 2 are the most common.

What should I pay attention to receiving breath test?

Two hours before the breath test, fasting and water ban;

If you have taken antibiotics within a month, do not take breath tests;

If you have been taking the medication against Helicobacter pylori, at least one month after the withdrawal of the drug, then review;

If the acute hemorrhage of the upper digestive tract is possible, the result of false negative can be achieved, and the digestive tract hemorrhage can be done for more than one week without affecting the diagnosis.

If you don't understand, consult a doctor right away.

What should be done if Helicobacter pylori is positive?

If you detect positive Helicobacter pylori, whether or not vomiting, abdominal distension, black stool and so on, are recommended for gastroscopy.

But don't be too nervous, just do gastroscope to confirm the condition of the body.

If clear is chronic gastritis, gastric ulcer or gastric cancer, suggest that eradication of Helicobacter pylori; if the family has suffered from gastric cancer, also suggest that eradication of Helicobacter pylori; gastroscopy if no organic disease, usually not what uncomfortable at home and no one suffered from gastric cancer, only detect Helicobacter pylori positive words, temporarily do not need any treatment.

Fear of pain, you can use breath test instead of endoscopy?

Stomach upset is a very broad concept. Patients are usually treated for stomach pain or stomach upset. But the first visit can accurately locate the patient in the stomach. It is only a small part of the patient. Because a lot of people with stomach disorders, finally found that the gallbladder, appendix, colon problems, and even cardiovascular problems.

Secondly, there are many kinds of "stomach trouble", such as acute erosive gastritis, atrophic gastritis, gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, functional gastrointestinal disease, gastric cancer, psychological burden, and so on.

Although many are associated with Helicobacter pylori, it is definitely not as simple as "Helicobacter pylori positive = stomach disease, Helicobacter pylori negative = nothing".

Helicobacter pylori infection is a common cause of stomach trouble, but it is not the only cause of stomach trouble. Many other physical, chemical and biological factors can cause stomach trouble.

So,Just check whether Helicobacter pylori is positive, to determine whether your stomach is good, there is a big problem.

Take a frightening example, in the clinical can see many gastric cancer patients, Helicobacter pylori this indicator, the past many times inspection is negative, can you say that Helicobacter pylori examination negative stomach is very good? Obviously not!

A summary:

Blowing test is a highly targeted, functional examination, there is only one effect: to check whether Helicobacter pylori is negative or positive, can not directly judge the health of the stomach.

Understand the stomach disorders best or endoscopy, gastroscopy can directly see the pathological changes of esophagus and gastric mucosal lesions were observed and lesions, but also through amplification, staining, biopsy and other means to find the white eye can not accurately judge the lesions, this is other examination can replace advantage. In short, the doctor asked to do when endoscopy, do not figure out the trouble, formal diagnosis and treatment is scientific and rational approach.

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