Large menstrual period, indicating that the body is very strong? Aunt: No, no, you listen to me......

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Large menstrual period, indicating that the body is very strong? Aunt: No, no, you listen to me......

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In general, women experience 400 to 500 menstrual cycles throughout their lives. Normal women's menstrual cycle is about 21-35 days, menstrual period of about 2-8 days, under normal circumstances, a menstrual bleeding amount is about 20-60mL. If more than 80mL can be defined as menorrhagia.

It is necessary to remind that many people would come to menstruation or menstrual cycle is not stable and worry, don't take too much amount of menstrual thing, think "menstruation, always want to stream a lot of blood or menstrual volume, indicating good health.". Some have even come to the point of anemia.

But in fact, the amount of menstruation is very large or sudden increase in menstrual volume, we must pay attention to.A marked increase in menstruation may be a sign of a disease and need to see a doctor as soon as possible. There is a good chance of excessive menstruation, and doctors will have different tests based on different conditions to find the cause.

The following is an explanation and advice given by Dr. Linda Bradley of the Cleveland clinic on excessive menstruation.

1, how long is the amount of menstruation "too big"?

Every woman should pay close attention to menstruation, such as cycles and amounts, so that changes and abnormalities can be known in time.

Fluctuations in menstrual volume are normal for women who have just entered menstruation or entered menopause. Outside the two head and tail periods, you need to be alert when you encounter significant menstrual fluctuations.

Excessive menstruation is manifested as:

  • Change sanitary napkins or tampons at least once every hour;

  • Also need to get up at night to change sanitary napkins;

  • Each time the pad is oversized, or one at a time, the two can be spliced together for some time;

There may be other symptoms:

  • Blood clots in menstruation;

  • Feeling tired and short of breath;

  • Lower abdomen, pain, convulsions;

2, find the exception, do not suggest everyone "wait and see"

Stress, drugs, and other factors may have an impact on the cycle. Only 1 or 2 months of increased volume and high probability are not caused by certain diseases. However, if the apparent increase in flow or continued irregular bleeding for months, the doctor should be examined as soon as possible.

Diseases that can cause menstrual disorders include:

  • Fibroid;

  • Infected;

  • Sexually transmitted diseases;

  • Thyroid problem;

  • Cancer;

  • Endometrial polyp;

Any of these diseases requires early detection and early treatment. It's impossible to judge yourself at home, or anything you can do with your health care products. To go to the hospital as soon as possible, in order to "the right remedy.".

Dr. Bradley said: "it's important to have a thorough and systematic review as soon as possible.". Sometimes, not only biopsy or conventional ultrasound is necessary, but specialized transvaginal ultrasound is also required, also referred to as saline infusion ultrasonography."

3, the amount is too large, it will be serious to cut the uterus?

"Some women with excessive menstrual periods are afraid to seek medical treatment because they worry too much when they search for information on the Internet. They may even want to have their uterus removed," Dr. Bradley said."

In fact, through the analysis above, we can know that menstruation is not always caused by serious diseases. Even, in many cases, it can be cured by minor surgery or medication.

Female patients who wish to relieve excessive menstrual symptoms can also be treated with medications. Lysteda, for example, is a non hormonal contraceptive approved by the U.S. Food and drug administration, which can be used to regulate menstrual cycles and reduce symptoms such as excessive weight.

Dr. Bradley pointed out that the most important thing is that women need to understand their bodies, do not underestimate the size of the menstrual problems, abnormal occurrence of timely medical treatment.

Original author: Women's, Health, Team, of, Cleveland, Clinic


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