The 6 movements most hurt the spine, how to prevent?

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The 6 movements most hurt the spine, how to prevent?

2017-10-09 23:48:19 217 ℃

After a busy day, lying in bed, I found the shoulders, the cervical vertebra and the lumbar vertebra... Where they were uncomfortable and sore! Is it work (or going to school) tired?

NoNoNo, maybe you've done a few petty tricks, which hurt your spine!

Shoulder Backpack

Harm:Neck and shoulder muscle stiffness, easy to shoulder height.

Back shoulder bag, to prevent the packet to decline, the side shoulder bag unknowingly upwards and inward. For a long time, the muscles of the cervical spine and shoulder joints are easily stiff and may cause high and low shoulders.

Terms of settlement:Backpack, around the rotation of backpacks

Car, car stand sideways

Harm:Harm lumbar vertebra, hip joint

In the longer standing time, such as riding, waiting for the car, many people like to focus on one leg of the body, I feel so stand relatively relaxed, comfortable. For a long time, both sides of the lumbar spine are uneven and the worst result is a pelvic deviation and scoliosis.

Terms of settlement: