The blockage isn't blocked. Just look at your hair

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The blockage isn't blocked. Just look at your hair

2017-10-10 22:12:13 196 ℃

The head of the little black hair become white hair, a lot of people will think this is a natural phenomenon of old age, even young people appear white hair, also often attributed to: nutrition, genetic, mental stress and other factors, if can tell you, this may be a blood vessel is inextricably contact, would you believe it?

When we put hands on both sides of the neck, you will feel the pulse beat, the two vessels, is responsible to the carotid artery, their brain blood supply to my brain, in order to provide for the operation of oxygen and nutrients, and the hair grow may have great connection with the two blood vessel.

Once blocked, the head will appear insufficiency, the scalp blood vessels will not smooth blood circulation, the hair follicle cannot absorb enough nutrition, will lead to white, off situation. In addition to hair damage, carotid artery blockage can cause brain ischemia and hypoxia, leading to cerebral infarction, stroke, hemiplegia and other serious consequences.

So how do we prevent blockages in our lives?

Vinegar soaked ginger

Vinegar ginger soup, also known as the resurrection, is a health approach, with stomach, lose weight, prevent hair loss, prevent chronic disease, enhance the body Yang effect. It tastes sour because it is soaked in vinegar for a long time.

Ginger is the sun, vinegar is convergent, eat a little vinegar ginger, you can put this up on liver repair efficacy of a drug, not only rising Yang, and sparse liver qi.

Ginger can also prevent hair loss, hair germinal. Concentrated with ginger extract or directly coated ginger hair, in which the content of gingerol, limonene oil, can make the skin of the head blood circulation of ginger extract has significant inhibition of fungal skin and kill Trichomonas vaginalis background effect, can cure all kinds of carbuncle sore. Ginger can inhibit the activity of cancer cells and reduce the toxic effects of cancer.

Ginger ginger eat the most beneficial cardiovascular rehabilitation patients, it is rich in gingerols have a stimulating effect on the heart and blood vessels, can speed up the heart, blood vessels to dilate, thereby collaterals unobstructed, normal supply.

Ginger: "early eat ginger, ginger tonic soup; eat lunch, night eat ginger, witha phtisis;." early eat ginger, tonic soup: in the morning to eat ginger, the best effect of health care. The reason is the good and the Yangming Jiang yang. The morning is the flow of Qi and blood in Yangming stomach, then eat ginger, just germinal stomach, promote digestion. Ginger and Xingxin temperature can accelerate blood flow, is very refreshing. How do you eat it? It is best to prepare a breakfast dish of pickled ginger, a little rice to eat. Pickled ginger taste crisp, entrance a little sour, spicy, sweet porridge, plus delicate fragrance, mixed together, simple, fresh, and makes a product, but it is the world to taste. This is the most popular diet, far better than tonic soup.

Afternoon to eat ginger, witha phtisis: a lot of people know that night should not eat ginger. In fact, not only in the evening, but also after noon should not eat ginger. NFAM ginger, otherwise easy to lung injury. Chinese people are especially good at keeping fit with the times. Nature's noon sun reached its peak at noon. Comes down, the afternoon was beginning to rise, Yang began to converge. Ginger is the hair Yang Qi, afternoon natural should not eat. At noon, the heart is full of Qi and blood. At this time to eat ginger, for itself is so busy fire add fuel to the flames. The fire will burn up. The gates of fire, adverse impacts. Our lungs are the fish. Fire excess, lung will suffer, can cause a variety of symptoms of phlegm heat cough.

Night to eat ginger. Why not eat ginger at night? Ginger is Xuanfa Yang of the night people should eat ginger Yin, Yang convergence, is just the opposite, contrary to the day. Eat ginger at this time, there are several major harm: first, make people excited, unable to sleep. Second, stimulate nerve, affect cardiac function. Third, smoldering fire, water consumption of lung yin, renal injury. Just so, that is not enough to eat ginger late damage comparable arsenic poison. The most important reason is that people are generally in the evening to drink, then if the ginger dish, great harm! Ginger wine with food, 100 days of the rotten heart. Ginger is hot, ginger wine into wine through the meridians, borrow ginger into viscera. Night with ginger dish, to eat chronic poison. The construction case of folklore, the story is useful ginger hundred days of lung to kill the bad. In fact, ginger wine with food, far more than lung injury. The viscera are injured days and months multiplying. In the final analysis, wine is harmful. Better to drink up than to smell Jiang Shengwei.

The improvement of vascular blockage diet prescription

Formula: 20g, asparagus 20g, Agaricus medlar 10g, soybean 10g

Use: soak for 30 minutes after the wash to simmer for 35 minutes, remove the soup into 2G honey, drinking 3 times a day.