If you want to be a healthy and beautiful woman, you have to know these 7 common points of life

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If you want to be a healthy and beautiful woman, you have to know these 7 common points of life

2017-10-25 21:55:57 463 ℃

All say "men forty-one flowers, women forty bean curd residue", visible years prefer to leave imprint on women! But I think every woman wants to be young and beautiful forever, and she wants to live in a delicate and elegant life! Whether poverty, as a woman, want health, beauty, must know these health knowledge:

First, about skin care, make-up

Skin care: clean is very important, whether it is oily skin or dry skin, is the most important clean, so that the pores breathe, after cleaning, can the appropriate use of such water, some allergic skin can choose drug! But also don't clean, will destroy the balance of the skin, causing skin diseases, some people in the winter, the body dry, can use Enema Glycerini to smear the body!

A lot of Cosmetic Makeup: slightly contain heavy metals and chemicals, there is damage to the skin, but will not be refused make-up, just a day must pay attention to clean, if there is skin allergy, to suspend makeup!

Two, about clothes, shoes

Underwear bra, the best choice of light, thin, breathable fabric, sleep must not take.

Underwear should be changed frequently, choose cotton, breathable, wash every day in time, put in the sun drying!

Three, learn to observe their menstruation and some physical reactions, regular physical examination

Menstruation is a barometer of women's reproductive health, menstrual cycle is generally in about 28-35 days, menstrual period lasts 2-7 days, menstrual volume is about 20-80ml. If the menstrual cycle is always unstable, the amount of menstruation is too small or too much to go to see a doctor!

About leucorrhea, leucorrhea, yellow or greenish, have xingchouwei are abnormal information, women only think of the doctor when vaginal itching, in fact! Even if it is normal, but also to do a physical examination every year, investigation of some inflammation and cervical cancer!

Do not buy their own things like washing vagina Fuyanshu jie!

About breast health, you can check in the bath breast lumps, nipple skin is normal, if there is damage, orange peel like change, or two nipple, breast size is not the same, you need to see a doctor! Be vigilant against breast cancer!

About weight loss, the devil figure is what every woman yearns for, but weight loss by weight loss drugs, or too much dieting, leading to nutrition can not keep up, weight loss is too fast will lead to endocrine disorders in women.

Four, is to pay attention to daily exercise, quit smoking, alcohol, work and rest rule

Female physique is weak, muscle capacity is not enough, can be more outdoor activities, do not always sedentary, to adapt to nature.

There is no need to talk about the harm of tobacco and alcohol. It is very important for women to release their hormones! Ensure adequate sleep is the best skin care products for women!

Five, do not care about a minded

Women's emotions and thoughts are more complex, more prone to depression, negative emotions, insomnia, worry, paranoia, learning to relax, release pressure, mental health is equally important.

Six, deal with the relationship between husband and wife and the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law

Whether a woman is happy or not can be seen from her face that if she wants to be happy, she must deal with the relationship between husband and wife and the relationship between her mother-in-law and her husband.

Seven, no matter work or choose housewives, do not lose yourself

Or a housewife, is a choice of life, some outstanding women work ability, easy to work in momentum to the life, but life needs more tolerance and mutual understanding. And the choice of the housewife women easily immersed forget their value, but in the fuel, can deal with family chores is extraordinary! In any case, find the right place for yourself!

I hope all women can be happy and healthy!