How do you get older when men are over forty-eight? The secret recipe of the Yuan Dynasty only needed two herbs

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How do you get older when men are over forty-eight? The secret recipe of the Yuan Dynasty only needed two herbs

2017-10-27 11:35:17 503 ℃

(this article by a number of "sincere medical department" original, through a point of starting the whole network information platform)

The theoretical basis of this article is "imperial medicine hospital"

On the road and people of Qi Huang, Fu, welcomeFamous doctors".Dear readers, we often hear a word, called"Flower is not flower,"".That is to say, people in the late forties, there will be presbyopia. Traditional Chinese medicine,Eight men and seven women.For men, every eight years, the body will come to a new state. From this, we can see that,Men go to the sixth cycle,Signs of aging appear.

Then, the old man, in addition to vertigo, what changes?

The hair is greyingHair is blood. The man is forty-eight years old, liver blood deficiency, can moisten the hair root, so there will be hair.

Dizziness, abnormal blood pressureLiver yin deficiency, liver wind stirring, so prone to high blood pressure, dizziness.

tinnitusKidney opening in ear. Forty-eight year old man, liver and kidney deficiency, kidney essence can not moisten the ear, so will the tinnitus and deafness.

Limp legs weak, weak waistThe liver governs the tendons and the kidney dominates the bones. Liver and kidney deficiency, and is not strong, natural lower limb flaccidity weak waist ache, fatigue.

Sleep quality declineLiver yin deficiency of kidney essence, cannot aid natural fire, easily lead to insomnia.

Of course, men at this time are also prone to sexual dysfunction. For this point, today is no longer a discussion.

Well, the aging of men, we generally appreciate this. So, is there any way we can make aging develop a little bit slower?

Certainly. Tell me what instructions, our great treasure house of traditional Chinese medicine,There are too many treasures.As long as we pay attention to the discovery, we will find the way to prolong life. Today,Famous doctors"What I'm going to tell you is one of the classic prescriptionsTwo panacea.

The original recipe is as follows:

Polygonum a catty, rice water immersion, and red dates were boiled, and then go to bake a jujube. Niuxi half a catty, wine soaked and drying. Stir it evenly, grind it into fine powder, and take honey as a pill. Each pill, such as sycamore, takes sixty pills daily. Hollow wine delivery. Of course, it's a bit of a hassle. We can use its simplified version, which is prepared 200 grams of Shouwu, Achyranthes bidentata 150 grams. At the end of each study, 30 to 50 grams of each drug was taken, placed in the thermos bottle, boiled with 500 ml of boiling water, and covered for 30 minutes. Adding jujube and honey is better.

Tell me, this miracle in the end what is backing?

It actually turns out to be a medical masterpiece in the Yuan DynastyRoyal medicine hospitalFor the famousPrescriptions and tonics."The imperial medicine hospital" in 1267, a total of 11 volumes, the first of more than 1000,Are allSong Jinyuan three in the Royal Institute for drug production, the use of the prescription of a kinsman of the emperor.Its academic value and practical value are not to be ignored.

How does this help men delay aging?

According to the analysis above, we know,Men's aging "total switch", in fact, liver and kidney yin deficiency, kidney essence deficiency.The Polygonum multiflorum, nourishing liver and kidney essence and blood. The Achyranthes, tonifying the liver and kidney, promoting blood circulation, strong waist.Nourishing liver and kidney essence of Polygonum multiflorum, it is made of Achyranthes Buzhong, completed without delay.Therefore, the two flavor medicine is simple, but can reverse because of liver and kidney deficiency caused by a variety of problems. Modern pharmacology has found that Radix Polygoni Multiflori has the function of preparing Radix Polygoni MultifloriAnti aging, hypolipidemic, anti atherosclerosis, antibacterialRadix et Radix et Radix et Radix et Radix et Radix et Radix et alExpansion of the lower extremity blood vessels, has strong analgesic and anti-inflammatory swellingEqual effect. So, two kinds of medicine, can help us to consolidate the birth of the life.

However, the method is good, not necessarily suitable for all patients.This is nourishing, taste is warm, so phlegm and damp heat inner principal, should not be used.The reader in use before, to please the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine dialectical guide, not blindly applied.

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