Gynecology director: women have these characteristics, prone to ectopic pregnancy"

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Gynecology director: women have these characteristics, prone to ectopic pregnancy"

2017-10-29 06:41:37 567 ℃

Miss Li and his husband have been married for two years, and the two have a sweet heart and have been pregnant for more than one year. Last month she suddenly stop for 7 days, with a homepregnancy test test is positive, she happily told mr.. Mr. hurried to the vegetable market to buy her a chicken stew to her body.

A week later, Miss Li went to the hospital for a B ultrasound examination. The doctor told her that she was an ectopic pregnancy. To hear this news, Miss Li legs, heart panic, muttering "how could this be? How come?"

How to prevent ectopic pregnancy?

As mentioned earlier, ectopic pregnancy has the first time, there may be second times, so the female friends before pregnancy should begin to prepare, reduce the "future"".

Tan ChangBranch tips to prevent ectopic pregnancy:

1, actively prevent the occurrence of the first ectopic pregnancy.

Away from the risk of ectopic pregnancy factors, which requires women to do vaginal health care; active treatment of pelvic inflammatory disease and other reproductive tract diseases; if you do not want to have children, must be careful to prevent contraception, abortion after injury, thereby reducing the fallopian tube adhesion, narrow chance, can effectively reduce the risk of ectopic pregnancy.

2,Women with a history of ectopic pregnancy,Second birth may choose to conceive in vitro(let the sperm and ovum unite in vitro and then fertilize the egg into the uterus)

3, early pregnancy do B ultrasoundInvestigation of ectopic pregnancy.

Some people think that too early to do B ultrasound will affect the normal development of the fetus, leading to pregnancy three months before going to the hospital to do B ultrasound, in fact, too late. The safety of ultrasound is recognized worldwide. There is no report of fetal death or teratogenicity caused by ultrasound. It do ultrasound, can remove ectopic pregnancy and understanding of early embryonic development, once confirmed that ectopic pregnancy or early treatment. It is recommended that 6-7 weeks pregnant, it is best to take a B ultrasound.

How long is it better to get pregnant again after ectopic pregnancy?

Women who do not remove the fallopian tube can do the contrast first and conceive the fallopian tube with good conception condition.

For the removal of one side of the fallopian tube patients, in the preparation before pregnancy to do water inspection to see whether the fallopian tube patency. When the tubal patency is confirmed, the pregnancy is considered again. If the fallopian tube pass and not smooth, even if the side of the pass and impeded, can not be taken lightly, should continue to cooperate with the doctor's treatment.

When pregnant again, these women with ectopic pregnancy history also need to do a good job of the birth inspection.