"Frozen age" secret: women learn 3 skills, 40 years old is not old!

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"Frozen age" secret: women learn 3 skills, 40 years old is not old!

2017-12-07 00:32:27 124 ℃

women have two eternal topics in their life: beauty and weight loss! Women to a certain age, will appear senility, this is the natural law of life! But, in life, there are no lack of some "frozen age" women, 40 years old women are more exquisite than the 20 year old girl, and this is exactly why? Is there a method of "freezing age"?

why the skin is aging?

Yue Guobin, vice president of Chongqing Times Aesthetic Surgery Hospital Department of Dermatology said, skin aging has five main points:


2, long-term damage by ultraviolet radiation; the dermis became thin, subcutaneous adipose tissue gradually reduced;

3, facial muscle contraction in laugh or cry when, resulting in wrinkles;

4, some gravity change caused by facial laxity, resulting in wrinkles deepen;

5, the growth of the age the skin elasticity, low bone absorption rate decreased, muscle atrophy began. When

starts to grow old, it will first appear on the face, such as wrinkles on the forehead, sagging eyes, fine lines around the eyes, facial relaxation, striae, corners of the mouth, wrinkles around the mouth, etc., so many main parts of human defense are on the face. When does

start to prevent failure? 25 is the best age!

women know that a certain age to prevent failure, and how many years is the best age to prevent the decline of the age?

Dean believes that women are going to be anti - aging from the age of 25.

since the age of 25, the human body's own collagen begins to decrease and the protein activity is reduced, and endogenous aging begins.

so, whether your skin is good or bad, at this age, you should pay attention to the anti aging.

anti-aging, there are 3 main points of

1. aerobic exercise

appropriate aerobic exercise to enhance immunity and delay aging.

time is not less than 20 minutes each time, 3-5 times a week, if the number of too few, can not achieve the purpose of exercise.

exercise intensity is achieved, can exercise after the situation: after exercise, the body will appear mild discomfort, muscle pain and other phenomena, after a break soon can alleviate ;

attention: sports need to be gradual, in the range of individual capacity increasing, must not be anxious to save, otherwise it is easy to happen accident.

and 2.

to reduce fat intake excessive intake of saturated fatty acids, the body will produce a lot of "bad" cholesterol, it is deposited in the blood vessels, will accelerate skin aging.

, in addition, ingestion of too much unsaturated fatty acids, after entering the human body, also produces a bond change, accelerating the generation of free radicals and producing an aging reaction.

so, in peacetime, we should pay attention to reducing the intake of oil and fat, eat less fried, fried food, reduce the amount of oil when cooking, in order to reduce the intake of fat.

3. appropriate use of skin care products

whether you are willing, to a certain age, or to use skin care products.

women, who are 25 years old, can choose high nutrition, antioxidant products to maintain the regeneration of skin cells.

every night after washing the face, give skin and face to do a massage, usually eat more vitamin and collagen food, can also delay aging.

anti bad tips

1. should apply sunscreen when they go out for work or activities. If the sun is bigger, it should be strengthened in 2 hours, and then match the hat and sunshade.

2. develop good living habits, diet light and nutritious, eat more collagen rich food, keep enough sleep.

3. health and peace of mind, not daxitaibei, don't be too impatient and anxious.